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The Spiritual Awakening…

My journey as a Healer has been a very long and private one. As a child, my Grandmother could see that I was very gifted and ensured that I was made aware of fairies, nature spirits and gave me crystals to play with.

It is very typical for when children go through the ‘butterfly phase’, that they forget the connection to spirit and their channel disconnects. It’s another test that we are given to ‘re-remember’ what we forgot, firstly at birth, and secondly at our ‘Spiritual Awakening’.

Spending your whole life not really fitting in and longing for a home you’ve not found yet are classic Starseed symptoms. Your re-remembering will often be triggered by a Dark Night of the Soul, causing you to break-open instead of break-down.

I came into my Spiritual Awakening when I was 21, going through a break up, stepping away from social groups and suffering with a debilitating illness. I moved into a beautiful little cottage in Cornwall with woman who was an Arcturian Starseed.

When I met her, I kept giving her the side-eye because all I could see was an alien holograph printed over her physical body. It creeped me out, and I thought I was loosing the plot!

She was a strange, wonderful and a healing person gifted to me in a time of intense change. She would throw me in the car to go and watch the sunsets, she gave me her cat to cuddle when she saw I needed unconditional love, and she force-fed me 10 hour long David Icke and Dolores Canon videos on youtube. She was the person that I needed in that moment, and as quickly as she came into my life, she left.

You will find in life, that when your soul is expanding, you will experience the highest of highs alongside the lowest of lows. It was an important lesson for me to be thrust into loneliness on my spiritual journey too. If I had people with me, guiding me and holding my hand, I wouldn’t have grown into the Healer that I am today.

I find that my mentors are very ‘out there’ Starseeds that don’t fit into any societal boxes. Quirky by name and quirky by nature! I absorb as much from them as I can, reflect on the lessons they present me with, take the activations and keep moving on my journey.

It’s one thing to be hyper-independent in life, but another to be a Spiritual Lone Wolf. I have learned through practice that the best way I can help my clients is to spark their awakening and stoke their magic. It’s important to know your own gifts, and understand that it is solely your responsibility to make them flourish.

Spiritual Independence must be learned, or you run the risk of falling into the category of being a False Light through Spiritual Bypassing. You can’t hide behind other people’s practice in order to feel or be seen as ‘Spiritual’. Get the fuck out there, like literally, out-of-body experience, out there!

When you teach yourself to disconnect from your physical body and your soul lifts up and hovers, you are pure energy! You are surrounded by everything in the known universe, but you have to get there through meeting yourself. Meditation can be a group activity, but the internal world is a solitary place. To meet Unity Consciousness, you need to buy a solo ticket.

As I move into a very comfortable space with my magic, I have found myself in a very loving place for myself. Initial experiences you find when you have a Spiritual Awakening often include fear of judgement or persecution, let’s face it, history has a running thread for treating mystics and healers badly!

Now when I come across those with judgement or fear for what I’m connected to, I don’t look negatively upon myself, but compassionately understand that they still have far to go on their own journey of awakening!

The most important thing to remember on this ever-so uncertain journey my loves, is to know love for yourself. You are going to be with yourself for the rest of your life and it’s your job to love yourself above all else.

Listen to the rhythms of the Universe and the beautiful guiding messages she gives you. You are always loved and supported by your spirit team, and they cheer you on from the sidelines.

Your spiritual Awakening is not something to be feared, but opened by. Experience it in as many ways as you can, so that you can meet more of the Divine and yourself.


~ The Wild Healer ~


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Picture Credit: @kristianzaire

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