Katie has the most amazing gift and has helped me heal so much. She is professional and really feels and understands the needs of her clients, and my appointments were via Zoom.

Would HIGHLY RECOMMEND! I'll definitely be seeing her again.



Anna Mourkousis

5* Review - September 2020.

Katie is an amazing healer. There's something truly special she does in her sessions. I have experienced Katie both online and in person and would highly recommend experiencing her power either way. Although if you have the ability to see her face to face her energy she shares with you feels even more special. I've also purchased smudge sticks and a crystal from her online store and the packaging is gift-worthy. thank you Katie, looking forward to my next session 💕



Prue Rahman

5* Review - May 2020.

Katie is truly one of the most amazing people you can ever have to help heal your heart and soul. I cannot recommend her highly enough! She has so much kindness within her that as soon as you are in her presence you instantly feel at ease. Her understanding and guidance helped me lift myself up from a place of devastating loss and grief to one of happiness and comfort. 🤗💕 5 Stars



Marian Flynn

5* Review - March 2020.

Extremely insightful and opened my eyes and mind up about what's to come!! Would highly recommend Katie :)


Lisa Foote

5* Review - November, 2019.

I had a session with Katie this week and she really is such a lovely, genuine and kind hearted soul. Her work space is gorgeous and you feel instantly at ease when around her. I had a tarot card reading and it was so insightful, accurate and has helped me understand so much about some of the things I’ve been going through. I highly recommend booking a session with her if you’re needing some direction, want to work through a few blocks or simply want to see what your main focuses are this year.


Louise Ranger

5* Review - October, 2019.

I had Katie come for a couple of sessions with my little boy Mackie. It was amazing and very enlightening. Katie is sweet and gentle with the pets and checks in on you as she goes. It was a lovely experience.
PS. Be careful what you say in front of your pets, they tell secrets!


Jenny T Spermon

5* Review - September, 2019.

Katie is very warm and welcoming, yet honest and forthcoming. I really enjoyed my Tarot Reading, Katie helped me find new perspectives which I was desperately seeking.
Highly recommend The Wild Healer 🧡


Larissa Jones

5* Review - August, 2019.

I had a Tarot Reading with Katie, The Wild Healer and it was amazing.
What I loved most is she tells it as it is, both the good and the not so good, but in a feel good way.

I would (and have) recommended her to others looking for guidance.



Angel Nguyen

5* Review - August, 2019.

Katie is incredibly gifted, intuitive and talented. My Reiki treatment was amazing and I felt better, like a cloud had lifted and energy shifted. Furthermore I gained a deeper understanding about myself, my past and I got an insight into deeper levels of my consciousness. Thank you!


Karin Burla

5* Review - July, 2019.

If you’re looking for a Tarot Carding Reading I 100% recommend The Wild Healer. As soon as I walked in the door I felt happy, safe & calm. Such an amazing feeling 💞


Emily Julia Hardwick

5* Review - July, 2019.

Katie is amazing! She was so spot on with everything and I left feeling so excited for what's to come.


Kathryn King

5* Review - June, 2019.

Katie... where do I start!? Katie is PHENOMENAL at what she does. Words cannot describe how much my life has changed because of this talented human being. Every time I leave my healing sessions, I am balanced, relieved, calm and have more of an understanding of who I am and am more connected with myself. Very accurate with her readings too. I’ll give her a 10 out of a 5!!


Johanna Peret

5* Review - June, 2019.

I loved my session with Katie! Having met a number of gifted healers around the world, Katie’s one of my favourite. Her honesty and no BS approach is what I look for in readings, yet she’s compassionate and she made me feel at ease. The reading not a blue made total sense, but what I love the most about it is that I’ve learnt something about me that’s getting me back on track. Thank you Katie, I’ll sure be back for some more truth.


Duda Baldwin

5* Review - February, 2019.

The most accurate reading/healing I think I’ve had. You not only picked up on things that I haven’t thought about in a long time, only just spoke about recently with friends or haven’t spoken about with anyone. 

Thank you so much for making me feel welcome and comfortable. 

Will definitely recommend to any friends that are seeking healing.


Jamyma Emily Kalamaras

5* Review - January, 2019.

I’ve had Reiki done by Katie and she’s also helped my cat dramatically! Couldn’t recommend her more! 💕💕💕


Gemma Morgan

5* Review - November, 2018.

Wonderful and refreshing experience, highly recommend Katie to anyone who is searching for some guidance in their lives :)


Laura Rees

5* Review - October, 2018.

Hands down the best tarot reading I’ve had. Katie did not hesitate to provide specifics and upfront advice on how to deal with what may come. The reading was so comprehensive and covered a lot of things that I had not anticipated. I did the reading for fun but ended up taking so much from that experience. Thanks Katie, I thoroughly enjoyed our session. Kisha x


Kisha Avellanosa

5* Review - October, 2018.

Today I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Katie and having a Tarot Card Reading. I was feeling like I needed a little bit of direction - found The Wild Healer page on Facebook and instantly had a good feeling! I went in hoping for a little bit of guidance and walked out with a massive weight lifted off my shoulders. I was filled with a whole lot of answers that I didn’t even realise I had questions for! What a great experience, I really can’t thank you enough!!!


Kate Knigge

5* Review - September, 2018.

I had a tarot card reading with Katie and was blown away by how accurate the reading was and I now have guidance and direction with certain aspects of my life. She is very spiritual, nurturing and clearly knows and loves what she is doing, highly recommended!


Amy Maclean

5* Review - September, 2018.

A truly special experience ✨ The Wild Healer is magical, powerful and nurturing. 
Loved every bit of my tarot card reading. Thank you again ♥️


Larissa Jenner

5* Review - August, 2018.

Katie did a Baby Reiki session with my 7.5 month daughter and I am glad to say that her sleep has improved so much after that. She was so calm and loving and my little one managed to stay happy for a whole 1hour session.
After having sleep trouble for more than 3 months, we finally managed to get some decent sleep. We couldn't thank her enough.

Resha Bajracharya

5* Review - July, 2018.

Despite being very nervous about my card reading (being my first one ever), I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Katie was very calming, enlightening, professional, caring and clearly gifted. I would highly recommend seeing her, I know I’ll be back.

Joanne Neal

5* Review - July, 2018.

I had a Reiki session with Katie last week and I’m still thinking about it. Incredible! I’ve had reiki sessions before and normally I just fall asleep and then never think about it again. Not this time! Wow is basically the only way I can explain the session. Not only is Katie seriously lovely, calming and kind, she is very obviously extremely talented! Do yourself a favour and book a session today.

Lauren Crawley

5* Review - July, 2018.

If you are looking for a reading please do yourself the favour of seeing Katie ❤️ The reading I had was beyond what I ever expected, she is incredibly gifted. I’m looking forward to seeing her again soon for a healing.

Tasha Wisnesky

5* Review - June, 2018.

Hey thanks for today I loved every second of the Reiki ur an amazing lady very professional relaxed and lovely vibes see u in 4 weeks xxxx

Jenna Mclaughlin

5* Review - June, 2018.

Katie is so talented and gifted! I enjoyed being in her presence every second. She is so calm and welcoming and I would recommend her to anyone and everyone that wanted Tarot and / or Reiki! 
I’m looking forward to the next session already Katie! 
Thank you The Wild Healer you are amazing and helped me on my way xx

Tess Kurr

5* Review - June, 2018.

My Takie on Reiki 

I'm saying farewell to Darwin soon, and was thinking I'd like a reading; something to help me reflect/transition to my next adventure. I happened to see Katie's business cards at work, and on impulse, called and booked in a Tarot Reading, and three Reiki sessions. I had never done Reiki before, had no idea what to expect. All I knew was that it focused on balancing energies, and I figured that's what I needed in my final months in the NT. Katie put me at east right away. She told me how she performed Reiki, what to expect, what may happen. By the second and third sessions, I was able to focus on my thoughts and the images in my head. I was more in tune with what I was feeling in my body that the debrief with Katie afterwards - about guides, about the past, about upcoming events - made a lot of sense. One session left me drained and tired - like a hangover - for almost two days. My final session had me leaving with a spring in my step and the sun at my back. For those of you who are curious about The Wild Healer, please follow through. Curiosity is a reflection of an open mind, and that's the best way for a novice to go into a reike session. You won't regret it.

Kate Brady

5* Review - May, 2018.

Oh my goddess! You have not had your tarot read until you have seen Katie. She is so amazing and wonderful! She helped me make a huge decision I didn’t even know I needed to make! I highly recommend Katie, she is welcoming, kind, has really great energy and such a positive vibe. She makes you feel comfortable and then opens up your world and mind. Thank you so much Katie!

Abby Louise Allen

5* Review - May, 2018.

Katie truly is incredible. Her wisdom, kindness, and calmness shine through in her practice. She has a strong spiritual healing that flows through in her Reiki.

Jenny Wright

5* Review - April, 2018.

Katie is awesome and magically gifted in her craft. We connected from the moment I walked in the door and the Reiki Healing was nothing short of amazing! I felt my energy shift in the session and have gained so much insight in the two days since. I highly recommend Katie and Darwin definitely needed her! I will be back in the near future for sure!

Kelly Vains

5* Review - April, 2018.

Katie is such a beautiful lady, respectful and thoughtful with an amazing ability to share her calmness. I’m feeling totally at ease now. 

Karen McCormack

5* Review - March, 2018.

If I could give 10 stars I would. Katie was absolutely warming and calm with her reading. I have never met her and she knew my personality. My tarot cards were quite spot on. Will definitely go back again.. thank you :)

Cassandra Argyropoulos-bakes

5* Review - March, 2018.

So amazing :) Katie gave me clarification and direction.

Nina Phibbs

5* Review - March, 2018.

Katie is amazing. From the moment she walked in to my house all 3 of my animals were calm and Ralph walked straight up for a cuddle and layed down with her. It was fantastic watching Katie work with Ralph and the messages she was receiving from him brought tears to my eyes. It was so nice to hear some of the things. Katie was extremely gentle with my precious boy.

Kristy Teunissen

5* Review - February, 2018.

We had the absolute pleasure of meeting Katie. Not only is she so calming and warm, she is amazing at her skill and talent. My Tilly loved her, she sometimes takes a little bit to warm up to people, but not with Katie. Tilly was relaxed and very happy to be able to communicate with us through Katie. Now we are moving forward with the knowledge we now have, we will definitely be seeing Katie again. Thank you so very much from my house to yours.

Rachael Hewson

5* Review - February, 2018.

Katies healing was one of the most beautiful and real healings I've ever experienced (and I've had a few!). She is incredibly gifted, caring and cautious with all of her guidance and insights. She would be my most recommended Darwin Reiki Practitioner by far.

Asha-Lee de Graaf

5* Review - January, 2018.

Our old boy Patch had a wonderful session yesterday...and after a longer than usual nap...he is back to his usual 'I'll do as I please' self. Highly recommend.

Jannelle O'Shannessy

5* Review - January, 2018.

Amazing person. She has such a great connection with animals and really helped my baby (doggie) relax and de stress. If it's something you've never tried before like myself, I definitely recommend it. 

Adele de Bruyn

5* Review - January, 2018.

Thank you so much The Wild Healer. The Wild Healer is a beautiful soul! Very accurate reading! I will definitely be back. x

Heather Lee

5* Review - November, 2018.

We did a reading in June 2015, everything we discussed has eventuated, sometimes in surprising circumstances. I would happily return for another reading in the future. The Wild Healer has an insight and perception which is extraordinary and unique.

Mindy Wilson

5* Review - September, 2017.

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