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As we move into 4d/5d we are shifting towards Unity Consciousness.

We are integrating our shadow self with our higher selves, not only at an individual level but within relationships too!

Last year was about uncovering hidden wounds, transcending any residual darkness and bringing hidden toxicities to light. (Our Shadow Self)

So, now that all of this subconscious yuck is in our awareness, we are starting to feel a bit uncomfortable about how it fits in with our Higher Selves.

We are experiencing Shadow and Light trying to interact with one another and it presents like two bodies of water meeting. When there is a resistance between two water bodies with different densities, they are unable to mix. This is called stratification.

The Shadow and Higher Self are currently at a loggerhead, an energetic stratification if you will! They are existing side by side!

This year is about accepting that we cannot just be one or the other, but both simultaneously.

We are aware of our wounds and traumas, and we show up everyday in order to move forward with the knowledge of our past. We now need to alchemically change and learn from these gifts so that we may have a lighter future!

This is showing up in relationships too. We understand that no relationship is perfect, we know what has happened in the past, and we are actively choosing to draw a line in the sand and accept our partners for who they are in the present moment.

As our soul groups begin to ascend, we need to encourage love, growth and healing. This isn’t always as fluffy as it sounds but is a vital part of the human evolution and movement towards light consciousness.



~ The Wild Healer ~


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Picture Credit: @bellakotak

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