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The Masculine Purging…

As part of the 4D/5D transition, we have to let go of old and outdated systems. We have to go through a death of self to move into the next vibrational field.

We can’t take the emotional baggage or density with us, we have to do the work! We have to release traumas and coping mechanisms and be incredibly self aware in order to become lighter.

Mars is currently in retrograde, and with it brings a lot of fiery masculine energy. The toxic masculine systems are being purged right now and the collective is breathing out sobs of trauma.

The toxic masculine traits that are being purged connect with:

- Inadequacy

- Not being good enough

- Desensitization/ Disconnecting/ Disassociating

- Deflection

- Being aware of people who don’t like you

Men in particular are struggling with their emotions at this time, and any women who are around them will be experiencing frustration at their inability to help them process this experience. As we all know, you cannot change someone and you cannot do the work for them.

We have to learn not to interfere with someone’s Karma! If it hurts, it’s meant to. Sometimes it’s the only way we can grow and move through energies.

We each have Masculine and Feminine counterparts. One is not greater than the other.

In 2019, we saw the start of the Feminine Rising. Unfortunately, this grew into something quite twisted and toppled the scales towards hatred of the Masculine/Men/Patriarchy.

In order to find balance, peace and harmony, we must do not harm but take no shit.

Yes, women have been oppressed for thousands of years and are finally finding a voice. This voice however needs to not punish men, but teach them how to love! We need to teach them to love not just the feminine, but the feminine connections within themselves!

Masculine has strength, but Feminine holds power!

Anyone who hates men, needs to heal the masculine wound. This purge that is currently happing will assist with this process, as uncomfortable as that may be, it will be so much lighter on the other side.

The guides have kept us very much in the dark about the result of the end of this year, but in all fairness, this is why!

The timelines have not yet been set in stone because it’s our choice as to how we evolve as a collective. What happens now will determine our future and fast paced experiences come January.

Good luck and be gentle, not only with yourself, but with everyone. This is a doozy!


~ The Wild Healer ~


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Picture Credit: @millicent_feya

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