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🖤 The Dark Feminine 🖤

Tis the season of the witch, and at this time, I’d like to honour The Dark Feminine and some of its Goddesses.

People revere and avoid working with the dark goddesses for fear that they are evil. This a wild misconception created by the patriarchy, or from the viewpoint that shadow work and emotional processing should be avoided because it hurts.

In many ways, darkness is metaphor for the deeper, unconscious truth that lurks below the surface. The dark goddesses will help you uncover these truths in your life.

There are multiple reasons why you should work with the dark goddesses. They can teach you magical skills, lessons about death and rebirth, and help you work on the shadow self.

They will not hold your hand or mollycoddle you through this journey together. They will show you the fire and burn you, singeing away anything in your field that holds you back. Until like the phoenix, you rise and rebirth into a stronger version of yourself.

Hecate, Goddess of Witchcraft:

In Greek mythology, Hecate is the goddess of magic, witchcraft, the moon, the night, spirits, the sea, and crossroads. She is associated with the Underworld and childbirth.

Hecate is very popular with witches because she can be somewhat gentle and nurturing, yet she is still a dark goddess and represents everything that the night encompasses.

Hecate is known as a goddess of love, compassion, and protection. She is very often called upon because she is strong yet soft.

Hecate rules the crossroads between the physical and spiritual planes. She will help you illuminate your shadow self, your unconscious choices, and your soul path.

Lilith, Goddess of the Moon:

The myths of Lilith are old and convoluted. Lilith was the first wife of Adam, long before Eve, and she was made as his equal. She refused to conform and submit, so with the help of Lucifer, she escaped to the caves of Hell.

Later, God created Eve out of Adam’s rib so that she would be subservient to him. Lilith lived on in obscurity, but she kept her own power.

Although Lilith is a demon, she isn’t ‘bad’ in the way that we think of dark and light. She was demonized because she didn’t fit the mold and refused to conform to the pressures of her husband.

Brigid, the Warrior-Maiden:

Brigid can manifest as either a maiden, mother, or crone. She is the Celtic Goddess that is often depicted in triple form. She presides over the life, death, and rebirth cycle, but she also has three earthly passions which are poetry, smith-craft, and healing.

She was the tender of the sacred flame and the goddess who helped to usher in spring. She is also the Celtic goddess of fertility, fire magic, healing, purification, and childbirth.

Brigid is one of the dark goddesses because she is at her prime in the winter, she is also the goddess of fire. She will shine a light on every part of your life that feels obscure or hidden. Brigid doesn’t feel like a “dark” goddess exactly, but she has an extremely powerful, fiery nature.

Kali, Goddess of Death and Destruction:

In Hindu tradition, Kali is shown as a blue women with four to ten arms. She carries severed heads in each hand, but keep in mind that this image was mainly to scare off evil. Her job is to cleanse the world of all things bad.

Kali represents empowerment, fortitude, and courage. She slays demons, provides ultimate protection from evil and is simultaneously a creator-goddess. The idea is that the creator could be both good and loving as well as fearsome.

Like the other dark goddesses, she will burn your life to the ground if she needs to, but she keeps your highest good in mind. She dissolves all forms that don’t serve you and rebuilds your life and your sense of self from the ground up.

Have you tapped into your Dark Feminine power or worked with these strong feminine archetypes yet?


~ The Wild Healer ~


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Picture Credit: @victoriangoddessofficial

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