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Katie | The Wild Healer
Katie | The Wild Healer



Katie is a Master Healer in her own right. Born a natural Channel, Medium and Psychic, her ability to bring through the Divine and bridge connections are unparalleled. Her magic is an embodiment of two feminine archetypes named Anya and Syrena.

Anya, meaning ‘Gracious’, represents the Light feminine embodiment. Anya works multidimensionally, and is a member of the Galactic Federation of Light. Her healing flows from Celestial White Light and Rainbow Light frequencies. Anya works from the Higher Heart Chakra and the Higher Crown Chakras. Water and Air are the elements she resonates with. She is a high vibrational Channel that integrates and anchors 5th, 6th & 7th Dimensional frequencies here on the Earth Plane.


Syrena, meaning ‘Enchanter’, represents The High Priestess and Dark feminine embodiment. Syrena works with strong feminine Ascended Masters such as Isis, Bastet and Kali Ma. Earth and Fire are the elements she is at home with. Her shamanic and witchy practices help to strongly clear, ground and transmute. She is the fierce Divine Mother and protector. Syrena resonates with Truth Frequency which allows her to bring light to all levels of darkness.


Katie has been working in the field for over 15 years and completed all of her certified training in the UK

- Reiki Master Healer

- Reiki Master Teacher

- Rahanni Celestial Healer

- Akashic Record Reader 

- Diploma in Counselling (Coming Soon)

- BcS Higher Honours Degree: Wildlife, Education and Conservation.



It is The Wild Healer's mission to remove negative energy, restore harmony, raise the vibration of others and help develop their consciousness. 


Katie’s renowned healing capabilities are due to her innate ability to find your core wounding. Once uncovered, she holds loving space for understanding and release.


It is important to work with the energies required for the highest good of each client. Meaning that not everyone will have the same experience. Some may have a profound emotional release and deeper understanding of themselves, while others may have channeled messages from the Galactic Centre and be held in a healing chamber by the highest Team of Light. 



Katie is a Medical Medium, meaning that she has the ability to see and feel into your psychical body and understand your ailments. Katie works with BODY CODE, an intuitive system developed to enable her to understand the energies that have contributed to your physical, emotional or energetic dis-ease. This system allows her to understand you on a deeper level, it is not used for cure or medical diagnosis.



Katie is a natural born Channel, allowing her to commune with multidimensional beings. These include but are not limited to: Archangels, Galactics, Star Families, Spirit Guides, Elementals, Ascended Masters, Mythical Creatures, Animals and passed over loved ones. 


Katie has the ability to allow higher beings to speak through her during healings in a trance, but prefers to listen with her Clairaudience and pass on messages. If Katie does allow a light being to speak through her, it is only ever because the energies that need to pour through are integrated with upgrades and are extremely high vibrational.




Katie will quite often refer to ‘The Guides’ during sessions when bringing messages through. Who are they? This is a blanket term that she uses to address whoever is showing up to your session. They will often be a mix of her own team, combined with the love, help and support of yours.


Some Guides will come through quite clearly, and will be described to their fullest extent when they present themselves. However, some Guides are solely recognisable by their service, rather than their personal identity. ‘Personal identity’ falls within the constructs of human ego and not higher presence or purpose. So when appropriate, you may be introduced to who you are working with, but it is not always necessary.




Katie has the ability to tap into your past lives and work to heal and clear them. Quite often you will find that whatever comes up from past lives during your session, connects directly with what you are experiencing in this life cycle. Karma has a way of coming back around in other lifetimes as an opportunity to clear them once and for all. Katie facilitates past life recall and delicately heals those moments in time, calls you back into total alignment and allows you to move forward after releasing your karmic trauma.




Katie was gifted the ability to help souls transition, to and from the Earth Plane. 


She works with ‘Soul Bringers’ which are a Cherub-like Angelic Team that bring souls to the planet. Katie specialises in connecting souls that are wanting to be anchored with their birth Mother, helping them to integrate from the Spirit Planes to the physical realms. She has the ability to understand their personalities, messages and can facilitate future karmic clearing through guidance around their upbringing.


Katie has also had the privilege of assisting souls, as a Death Doula, through to the end of their lives and escorting them to the higher planes, connecting them with their ancestors and soul families.




Katie is a born animal communicator and a great facilitator for helping owners to understand what problems their animals are dealing with and why they are behaving a certain way. She integrates use of her degree in Animal Behaviour with Holistic practices.  


She communicates using three psychic ’layers’. The first is hearing the animal interact with their surroundings by way of Clairaudience, the second is hearing their conversations and communicating with them using Telepathy, the third is by receiving images and memories that the animal shares by Clairvoyance. 


Animals can have different levels of consciousness, exactly like humans, some are a little more ‘connected’ than others. Some souls have been here many times and have experienced human past lives. In these instances, Katie is able to go back and heal moments in time through Past Life Regression. Sometimes your animals have Galactic heritage and are multidimensional! However, some pets are first time visitors to the planet and are anchored solely in their current life experiences, these animals mainly enjoy talking about normal things like their toys and food! 




Katie has a zero tolerance policy for any attachments or entities. Whether they are demonic or darker Galactic, she will find them, remove and banish them. Entities can pop up in our homes, our dream space, our energy bodies, past lives, through jobs or even soul contracts! Dark Magic leaves a trace, and it’s important to clear everything during healings, so that you are not hindered by things outside of your perception. Katie will be able to assist you with explaining their reason for attachment and how you can best keep yourself and your space clear in future. This work can coincide with chord cutting.




Katie has developed a unique way of reading the cards. Expect your readings to be highly detailed (she talks a lot!) therefore you are welcome to record your session to listen back over.


Katie doesn’t like to make psychic predictions because they are too changeable. We have free will, and the timelines are constantly changing as we ascend. Therefore she will make an energy forecast for the next upcoming year, containing the good, the bad and the ugly. She is incredibly Clairsentient, meaning that she feels how you feel in each of the future situations and can guide you accordingly.


Nothing is set in stone because we CAN change our fate. However, Katie likes to work with this as a loophole. She works for your highest good, so if there is anything in the cards that you don’t like, she will roughly pinpoint the date and get you to put things in place to change it. If you are unable to change things, then she will help you change your mindset towards your situation, and mentally prepare you for whatever comes your way.


Katie provides loving space and advice during your session. Readings are incredibly private and close to home, she will see every part of you and offer guidance that aligns you with your golden path and highest vibrational timeline.




Katie is a Reiki Master Teacher, and works 1:1 with clients to give them a thorough connection to their healing path. She works to integrate further learning that is outside of the traditional Reiki practices, as this value was instilled in her by her own Reiki Master. We must evolve and grow with the magic.


Katie also facilitates group learning, such as her most recent 8 class course to ‘Master The Mystic’. Keep an eye out for any new Courses or Events.

If you would like to work with Katie, please head to the Online Booking System to see what her availabilities are. Otherwise, please fill in the Contact Form on the Home Page, and she will accommodate you to the best of her abilities.


Thanks for submitting!

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