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Make Love, Not War…

Instead of writing about Saint Valentine, Gods and Goddesses this Valentine’s Day, I thought that I would pay homage to the times where love has significantly shifted our consciousness to more peaceful times.

There are a whopping seven planets (the sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn, plus asteroid Pallas) clustered together in the sign of Aquarius this month, creating what's known as a stellium in astrology.

February 2021 is vibrating at the same frequency experienced back in the 1960’s; Era of the ‘Peace and Love’ movement.

The free love movement in the 1960’s began because of a combination of sexual liberation and the revolt against the Vietnam war. ‘Make Love, Not War’ became the slogan of antiquity which embodied the ultimate rejection of capitalist culture.

The 1967 Summer of Love was a social phenomenon that saw rise to the ‘Flower Power’ and Bohemian Hippie culture. During this time, many were suspicious of the government. People were rejecting consumerist values, and generally opposed the Vietnam War. A few were interested in politics; others were concerned more with art, music, painting, poetry or spiritual and meditative practices. We are starting to recognise a lot of these similar values reappearing today.

In May 1968, a period of civil unrest occurred throughout France. It began with a series of student protests against capitalism, consumerism, American imperialism and traditional institutions. An evocative photo of a young couple ‘kissing at the barricades’ in Paris became an overnight iconic image.

In 1969, John Lennon and Yoko Ono famously invited the media to interview them in their bed. Why? Media stunt? Sure, it did a lot to bolster their cause and career. However, they wanted to soften the energy of reporting. ‘Bed-In for Peace’ was to protest the involvement that America had in the Vietnam war. Their view was that a bed encompassed all of the unique qualities that were missing from the collective; love, closeness and peace.

If we are to reflect upon what happened back then and compare it to the upcoming movements that we are experiencing now, in the Dawn of Aquarius; people are awakening to values that do not reflect genuine human nature.

‘Bed-In for Peace’ can be mildly compared with ‘Lock Down’. Sure, many of us are being forced to stay indoors for health and safety reasons, but we are learning that consumerism is not what’s important. Many have taken to learning about government systems, and inequality that is still prevalent today in matters concerning sexuality and racial conducts.

During the 1960’s Uranus, the planet of revolution and radicalism, conjoined Pluto, the planet of transformation through destruction and regeneration, in the conservative sign of Virgo.

On the 17th Feb 2021, we will experience Saturn Square Uranus. Saturn represents authority figures, rules, boundaries, and traditional establishments. Uranus represents innovation, freedom, change, and escaping from our comfort zone.

When these two planets are square or form a 90-degree angle with each other, we get tension building between the two energies.

Is it possible that we will start to see the 2020’s Free Love Movement?

It’s not entirely impossible given the energetic circumstances! Take a look at all of the radical movements that have been happening since even this year began.

On the 21st of January the power in America shifted from Trump, a controlling, narcissistic leader concerned with materialism and segregation to Biden, who’s directives are more concerned with inclusion and consideration of the planet.

Protests in Russia began on 23 January 2021 in support of the opposition leader Alexei Navalny after his arrest and the release of the film ‘Palace for Putin’, an investigative documentary that accuses Putin of corruption.

Pulling back to the romantic theme of today, how does all of this fit with traditional celebratory culture that is connected to love and romance?

Well, Valentine’s day is a date for us to honour love connections. However, there is a Revolution upon us, but LOVE is the reason. Therefore, there is simply no better time to celebrate!


~ The Wild Healer ~


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Picture Credit: @amycharlette

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