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The 2022 Relationship Purge...

Everyone this past year has gone through a death of self, we have had to clear out all layers of Karmic Wounds in order to move forwards into the New Earth. We have experienced so many timeline shifts these past few months because we have been shedding density like crazy!

A lot of the purging from 2022 affected soul contracts and who we chose to stay connected with as we moved through these timeline shifts. You may have noticed that you hadn’t heard from someone for a long time, but that you had also completely forgotten about them! That’s because they were somewhere else, you were not vibrating at the same frequency as them and therefore, you could not perceive one another.

Now, taking a look at people in your closer proximity, like your family, partner and children, you will have found this past year with them extremely testing. You either had to ascend and do the work together as a united front, or break due to party resistance and separately head in different directions and timelines.

Typically during ascension, the female is the first to rise. In a relationship, when one person becomes conscious or slightly healed, it makes the other partner difficult to tolerate because you can see their wounds and density more clearly. In parallel to this, the unconscious or unhealed party are confronted with this new light in their partner. This causes them to do one of two things:

  • Become resistant and resentful of the change in their partner, take this as a form of rejection and ultimately hunker down into their familiar trauma and density.

  • Or notice how light their partner has become, and feel compelled to make personal changes necessary to align harmoniously with this new frequency.

Healing is a particularly difficult journey, because you are always learning, changing and shifting. When you are in a relationship with someone who is on their healing journey, it takes so much strength to hold space for them and allow them to go through the motions, just like you did when you ascended.

Typically a Soul Group moves and behaves like a wolf pack, you can only move as fast as the slowest member of your heard. Even though one member might be inclined to ascend very high and transcend to light very quickly, the other members of the group might have a little trouble catching up, consequently calling for the lightest member to keep small for a period and help others up the ladder. This is what Lightworkers have been doing for decades!

If you find that some members of your team are becoming too heavy and are refusing to climb the ladder, then for the highest good of the heard, they must be left behind.

This is the simplest explanation for families and Soul Groups during the ascension process.

These sacrifices are devastating and core shattering but are a necessary cost, not only for mental health but for the peace that you need in your soul.

For Soul Groups that choose to stay and do the work together, the lessons feel even harder! You are bound to one another and vow to shift and clear the deepest darkest densities. This process is costly to your physical body, emotional body, mental body and energetic body. It is a group metamorphosis, a chrysalis phase if you will. It is not a beautiful process, it is an extremely painful one.

The good news is though, it’s done. You have arrived in 2023. You’ve done the hard work! You have completed the clearing and tests! Take a breathe and enjoy the view. You may have experienced massive upheavals and impending change throughout 2022, but 2023 is going to bring a much lighter and gentler vibration.

Congratulations Earth School Cadet, you’ve passed with painful but flying colours. xx


~ The Wild Healer ~


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Picture Credit: @ironika_photo


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