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✨ Right where we’re meant to be…

This year has carried so many mixed emotions! It feels like nothing has changed and that we’re moving through time at a snails pace but looking back, everything has changed and we’ve done so much!

Accomplishments are an unmeasurable feature of life when we haven’t aligned it with our idea of progress.

I read the other day that, if you only had 40% to give, and you gave all that you had, you gave 100%. This feels like this year in perfect explanation!

We have all grown and changed within ourselves in exponential ways, but people are often uncomfortable with change, especially the change that wasn’t in our plans.

Take this wind-down time to look back and reflect on all of the beauty that his slipped unnoticed in to your life this year. No matter how small you may feel it to be, it’s part of the grand plan.

You are exactly where you are meant to be, no matter how painful or confusing. It is perfect. You are perfect. All masterpieces are ‘in the making’ at some point.

The Guides explained the collective energies to me earlier in the year:

‘When the horse is refusing to drink the water you’ve lead it to, cut it loose. Then focus on your own energy. Take time to heal and reflect. Soon you will be crossing the water and will find yourself in a paddock with more horses to help! Enjoy this period of taking a step back.’

Back in 2019, there were so many shifts that were gearing towards the rising of the feminine. Those timelines took us down a very strange pathway, and the wrong programme loaded.

Today, we are experiencing massive shifts that match the energy of back then. We are back on track, finally!

Now is the time to gather your shit together, because even though we don’t know what’s coming, January is going to take off for us in all the right directions, full steam ahead!


~ The Wild Healer ~


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Picture Credit: @oreshinaphoto

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