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The Gentle Feminine… 💗

For the past couple of years, the collective has been solely focused on shifting and clearing lower Masculine energies. Nature requires balance and the pendulum has to swing both ways in order to continue moving.

2023 is the year of Self-Love and the ‘Gentle Feminine’. The lighter aspects of this year sees us connect to the Higher Self and what she wants and needs in order to flourish.

Expect to see more love, romance, whimsy, nostalgia, travel, exploration, experience and a general ‘poeticness’ about your life. This year is time to put aside all of the density we have endured and focus on what truly brings us joy, peace and harmony.

Unfortunately though, as with all things, there is a darker aspect to this fluffy year.

Feminine wounding is coming up for clearing! If you have unresolved traumas or issues with ‘The Feminine’, expect to bring light to these issues and begin your healing journey this year.

The Feminine is a nurturing, emotional, expressive, vulnerable, patient, giving and soft. If you have struggled with either giving or receiving any of these traits, then you can be damn sure that you will be confronted by aspects of them this year.

If you have been living in your ‘Masculine’, hustle mode, fight or flight, stress response, are avoidant or hyper independent, expect to shift into a more gentle and watery phase of life where you are safe to bleed out all that you have been holding in. This can often be an excruciating experience, especially if you are not good with feeling your feelings!

‘Feminine Wounds’ and how we fit into communities or friendship groups will be reevaluated this year. We will have to learn to step out of isolation and move away from our introvertedness and expose ourselves in a very vulnerable way.

Acceptance and rejection are going to be key feeling factors as we move through these big issues. How we deal with them and learn to love and accept ourselves in spite of these ‘flaws’, is true Alchemy.

If this year was a Tarot Card, it would be The Wheel of Fortune. Big change is coming because we are moving into new phases of life. The Wheel of Fate connects into the Triple Goddess: the Maiden, the Mother and the Crone. This card aligns deeply with the feminine, and celebrates every cycle that she endures in a lifetime. She resonates intensely with the moon and her cycles of waxing and waning.

If you are able to understand the death and rebirth cycles that have to be experienced, the highs and the lows, the transitions of letting go and accepting new, then you will thrive and flourish this year. Don’t hold on too tightly to things, or you will find this movement to be quite tricky.

Be gentle with yourself, nurture yourself in a way a mother should. Give yourself everything that your inner child craves; understanding, compassion, time, attention, and most of all LOVE.


~ The Wild Healer ~


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Picture Credit: @joshua_griffen

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