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Self Love...

The synchronicities I’m experiencing of late are unparalleled. Things are speeding up, my connection to guides is strengthening and I’m being awakened to new and exciting things. This morning as I’m sitting drinking my coffee, catching up on emails and flicking through facebook I come across a post that makes me close my eyes and shake my head in sadness. As a clairsentient, I feel everything. Emotions from those around me, physical pain when I touch someone, behavioural patterns that do not serve a person… you name it, I feel it. This is why I lock myself away sometimes to process and remove energy of those around me so that I can clear and connect to my own energy once again. As I sat reading this persons facebook post, I was taken to the moment they were talking about. I could feel their despair, confusion, sense of loss and of place for them self on the planet. I could feel their ‘tough’ emotional armour they project out to the world but at the same time I could hear them screaming for help on the inside. I said out loud to the Universe, “How am am I supposed to be a ‘way-shower’ and light bringer to those who won’t listen, who are self sabotaging?”. Almost instantaneously I was given this message: “Consider how hard it is to change yourself and you’ll understand how hard it is to change others.” (“Be not angry that you cannot make others as you wish them to be, since you cannot make yourself as you wish to be.")

- Thomas à Kempis, 1380-1471.

I took a long deep sigh and nodded. I know deep down that the hardest thing to do in your own life is to accept parts of yourself you may not like. There may be things that make you feel uncomfortable about the self but yet we have to actively chose to love them anyway. Self love is the key. We must have compassion for ourselves as well as others. To be a ‘way-shower’, you cannot simply tell others how to live, but live and lead by example. You have to walk the walk and listen while others talk. ‘Monkey see - Monkey do”. We are merely the catalyst to encourage others to walk the path of light and understand their own truth. Everyone learns their own lessons at the exact right time that is meant for them. And no sooner. We must continue to support and love one another. The best way to teach others to love themselves is by giving love to oneself. This may be as simple as signing up to dry July. It may be as simple as eating a stir-fry instead of a pizza. It may be that instead of turning on the agitating News Channel, we sit quietly in the mornings and listen to the birds. These simple steps are really just choices we make to love ourselves. These are things we can do that do not sabotage our own wellbeing. We can even whittle these things down to negative thought patterns that imprint and then become behavioural patterns. They create an illusion and cause self disbelief. What if… Instead of looking in the mirror and seeing everything wrong with our ‘space suit’ that we call a body. We see scars as things that have made us stronger. Wrinkles, as lines that remind us of times we have laughed. Age spots as a badge of honour for all those who’ve died young. What if we consider how hard it is to change ourselves? Now we have compassion. Now we understand the battles that others are facing. Now, we have the right tools to allow space for others to heal when they themselves are ready.

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