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Let Them…

This year, is my ‘Let Them’ year! A powerful reclamation of self. 🔥🌕

🦄 Empaths are the most loving and giving creatures. Unfortunately this leaves them open and vulnerable to people that want to manipulate them for their own personal gain. 🖤

💡 Empath’s see the light in everyone, they pour love into the darkest of places, in order to bring more light to the planet. They see potential in people and water them, they find joy in seeing those around them grow and thrive. 🌱

🙅🏼‍♀️ Unfortunately, not everyone wants to expand from the comfort zones they’ve created for themselves. Whether from trauma, coping mechanisms or toxic systems they cling to. ⛓️

☯️ Empaths and Narcissists sadly go together like peanut butter and jelly. The empath will very rarely take but gives with no limit, and the narcissist takes with no limit and very rarely gives. The empath pours every ounce of love into a dark abyss, hoping it reaches the core and the void starts to fill with light. Alas, this is a suicide mission. 🚀 Call NASA, we’ve discovered a black hole!

🌕 Sometimes when all around you is dark, it’s because you are the light. Shine like the full moon, don’t absorb the darkness, light up the night sky alongside the twinkly magic of the stars.

So, what exactly is this "Let Them" practice?

In essence, it's a unique approach to life that leans on the principles of acceptance and non-resistance. 

Instead of attempting to control people or circumstances, you allow things to be as they are. This doesn't mean passivity, but rather, it's an active choice to let go, aligning with the universal law of detachment. Observe but don’t absorb.

The 'Let Them' theory encourages us to live authentically and assertively, setting boundaries, expressing ourselves freely, and letting go of our fear of others' judgments.

For years empaths have been proverbially ‘leading horses to water’. But the ‘Let Them’ approach allows the horse to simply fuck off and die. Hahaha! Just kidding, it’s allows the horse to feel thirst, and recognise their self sabotaging ways all for themselves. This allows you to carry on your own path and travel further than you would have done, without the hindrance of a dehydrated gee-gee. 😅🐎

💔 Some people are committed to misunderstanding you. Let them.

💔 Some people will always make you The Devil in their story. Let them.

💔 Some people will never see value in you. Let them.

💔 Some people will always choose toxic patterns, resonate at lower vibrational emotions and frequencies. Let them.

💫 But with the same principle…

❤️‍🩹 Some people will love you unconditionally. Let them.

❤️‍🩹 Some people will pay into you as much as you pay into them. Let them.

❤️‍🩹 Some people will lift you up and brighten your day. Let them.

❤️‍🩹 Someone will appreciate your uniqueness and make space for your authenticity. Let them.

🌱 Here's how this philosophy can help you in more practical ways…

Expressing an Unpopular Opinion: When you're in a group discussion and your viewpoint differs from the majority, the 'Let Them' theory encourages you to voice your opinion respectfully, letting others have their reactions.

Establishing Boundaries: If you're setting personal boundaries that might not be well received, the 'Let Them' theory encourages you to communicate your limits and let others react as they may.

Pursuing a Unique Path: If your career or life choices are unconventional and might invite criticism or doubt, the 'Let Them' theory advises pursuing your path authentically, letting others form their opinions.

Personal Style and Expression: When expressing yourself through your style or art and it may not conform to societal norms, the 'Let Them' theory empowers you to embrace your individuality, letting others interpret it as they wish.

Exiting Toxic Relationships: If you're leaving a toxic relationship that is detrimental to your well-being, the 'Let Them' theory supports your decision, encouraging you to prioritize your health over others' judgments or opinions.

🔥 So… This year I vow to no longer flog dehydrated horses. I am committed to running wild, and allowing the law of attraction to draw other sparkly reprobates to run authentically alongside me. You coming? 💫


~ The Wild Healer ~


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