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Karmic Clearing… 💫

The past couple of weeks have called for lower timeline purging and ‘muggle time’.

Have you noticed situations coming back that were reflective upon your experience at the start of the year? Those same lower energies and karmic lessons floated to the surface again recently and were rough to say the least! 😬

Relationships have ended, people have passed over and so many people are either moving or going on long distance travel. ✈️


Well, whenever we clear old or dark timelines, natural equilibrium calls for balance, new and lighter pathways. New chapters are often filled with the taste of the previous one, but optimism and hope for new experiences.

If you’ve had a rough couple of weeks, take a breath and know that we are entering a new phase, sure, we may walk with trepidation but it’s a new direction.

Picture it like a corridor full of doors, each door opens into something new, colorful and exciting!

When starting out again, we dip into a period of being a muggle. You may notice the woo-woo in your life tune down to make room for the human experiences as you explore this terrain.

I am entirely ready for this next phase… are you?



~ The Wild Healer ~


Celestial Reiki • Tarot Card Reading • Wayshower Support • Fertility, Pregnancy and Postpartum Healing • Crystal Sound Bath • Animal Communication & Healing • Lessons Of The Light

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