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Timeline Jumping…

Humans may exist in various timelines, and they may shift according to our life experiences and personal choices. We all may experience an infinite number of timelines, largely influenced by our perception of reality and free will.

Although we may be born with a particular timeline, it may change over time. It is believed that Déja Vu is the act of seeing realities cross over like crossing wires or a glitch that allows for a glimpse into another way that we are living our lives.

Our ability to control and create a shift or jump in a timeline may be largely due to this personal perception of reality. We may gain deep insight into this possibility and awareness through meditation and other practices.

When we harness and expand our awareness, and achieve altered states of consciousness, it may be possible to create a life of our envisioning.

When we talk about Ascension and shifting our consciousness from 3d/4d/5d, we’re actually shifting the timelines we’re on to align with higher vibrational energies. We can’t continue along dense timelines while trying to have a Spiritual Awakening.

Over the past couple of months, timeline shifts have been incredibly apparent. Due to the intensity of the shifts, it is to be expected that the physical sensations experienced during them will also be intense.

You may have noticed little things like your food preferences changing. You may feel tired, dizzy, nauseous, ungrounded, a sense of experiencing moments previously (Déjà vu), seeing timelines or past lives flash through your minds eye, anxiety, tingles… the list goes on!

We have been experiencing intense planetary shifts, alignments, retrogrades and eclipses this past month, and so the energies and what you are experiencing will only be amplified!

If you want to alchemize these shifts, focus your intentions on where you want to go, or how you want to feel and lean into it. If you want to feel more joyous and relaxed, spend time doing things that will cause you to feel this way and soon you will find yourself in a timeline that offers more of these things!

Time is speeding up exponentially, which ultimately means that these shifts are too! The time between shifts we use to acclimatize will be shorter also. The rollercoaster feels like it’s having steeper ups and downs than before.

Now more than ever is the time to connect to your breathe and instill your grounding practices. Try to ride through the physical symptoms as best you can. Be mindful of what’s happening and try to navigate to lighter timelines when you feel like you’re slipping from the one you’re in.


~ The Wild Healer ~


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Picture Credit: @electricxbunny

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