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Get Higher...

I’m thinking of starting an:

- ‘I don’t know’

- ‘Yeah, but...’

- ‘I don’t understand why this is happening to me’

- ‘But that happened years ago’

Payment Jar... A dollar for each time these things are said during sessions and all proceeds go to charity! 😂

Reaching higher states of consciousness is not magical, fluffy or comfortable.

We must confront ourselves over and over and over again until we are the clearest channel for spirit to exist within.

Recognising bad thoughts, behaviours and patterns is step one.

Many think that to deal with this, we must ignore anything bad within us and think only good things.

This is an incorrect form of manifestation and a one way ticket to denial island.

If we are ignoring experiences and aspects of ourselves, we are creating blockages.

Avoiding your triggers isn’t healing.

Healing happens when you are triggered but you are able to move through the pain. Understand it, break the pattern and change your reactions, perceptions and attitudes towards your baggage.

It’s called en•LIGHT•enment and ASCEN(d)•sion for a reason.

To vibrate higher we must confront that which is heavy and holding us down, let go and heal.

As above, so below

So within, so without

As the universe, so the soul

~ The Wild Healer ~

(Photo Credit: @sarashakeel)

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