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The Throat Chakra is always the most blocked energy centre in the body, ALWAYS!

Living in the 3D has caused us to resonate at lower vibrational frequencies due to being indoctrinated into outdated, inauthentic systems and ways of living.

If we look at generational trauma as a perfect example, we notice that there is ‘ancestral peer pressure’ to behave in a particular way, because it’s ‘what has always been done’.

When we have to live outside of what we as souls need to experience, we are no longer in alignment with our higher self and often suppress the ability to express those needs and desires in order to appease the wants and needs of others.

The Throat Chakra is a complex energy centre and is very easy to block unless we are constantly present, which as we all know, having a human experience is about riding the waves of balance and imbalance.

Speaking up for ourselves, saying what we want, how we feel, what we need, our view points, opinions and the ability to communicate well with others are the subjects that rule this energy centre.

People pleasing, mediating, walking on egg shells, knuckling under, suppressing our opinions, avoiding confrontation, not being assertive, trying to ‘be easy going’, holding back emotions are all contributing factors to the Throat Chakra’s downfall.

Up until this point in time, we haven’t as a society, been taught how to deal with our emotions and control them so that they don’t rule us and our actions. We are at the era of understanding that this is the most important weapon in the war between light and dark forces.

Ultimately the desire to move towards a more peaceful experience on the earth plane, comes from knowing that we are all connected, and that Unity Consciousness exists. Universal and Unconditional Love is something that we are moving towards getting a better handle on.

It’s time to come together, and help each other with the most blocked aspect of our earthy experience, which has been lacking for millennia! Our brains have developed so that we may have the experience of language and vocalisations. It’s now time to connect the dots and harness the tool that evolution has given us.

We must stop living outside of our authenticity and communicate respectfully, lovingly and without fear of consequences for using our voice. For thousands of years, we have learned that speaking up for ourselves or out of term with ruling figures could be punishable, sometimes by death!

We need to undo these soul scars, and heal the energies that we are working with in this life, so that the next one will ultimately return us to Atlantis and the garden of eden, heaven on earth. Could you imagine? A world so liberated and loving?

Are you unblocking your Throat Chakra and speaking your authentic truth?


~ The Wild Healer ~


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Picture Credit: @kokeeneva

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