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Channelled Message from Archangel Gabriel...

The Angelics have been streaming through during healing sessions recently! It’s been wonderful to see them so clearly and channel their messages for you guys.

I have been doing a lot of work connecting in with the Seven Rays, and learning on a deeper level, how to access these healing frequencies.

Gabriel seems to keep coming through with the same message and attunements at the moment, and I love what he’s about.

A lot of my current healing sessions are to anchor people into the new light grids, and open up their channels to these new streams of higher vibrations. They are receiving immense healing, and are being opened up to their gifts. It’s truly magical work that I’ve not had the pleasure of assisting with on this level before. It’s intense to say the least!

Archangel Gabriel has been working with the crown and higher crown chakras during the activation process. He is stood in a pillar of diamond white light and is holding a silver chalice. In this sacred cup, is a silver liquid light. This light represents life force energy. His message is very clear, each time he comes through:

“If your cup is facing down, your life force energy will be streaming out and providing energy for those around you, uncontrolled and free flowing. This will leave you feeling depleted, empty and resentful.

You must hold your cup up to your chest, over your heart chakra. This will allow the cup to fill with life-force energy. This energy belongs to you, if you chose to share your energy with others, only give from the overflow.”

This is something that I have been preaching for years, and now the angelics have jumped on board with this! Your sacred energy is just that, sacred! It’s yours, it belongs to you. It’s a vital part of our existence, without it we experience a plethora of lower vibrational ailments.

We have been taught through ideologies, religious teachings and societal pressures, to give everything we have, and then we will be rewarded for our sacrifices. Heaven forbid we drink from our own cups!

We are no longer in this time of suffering. We are in a time for reclaiming what is sacred, what is ours!

We need to start seeing ourselves at the top of the pyramid, where we come first, so that our energy and gifts can trickle down to others.

If we place ourselves at the bottom, we have nowhere else to go and feel crushed by the pressures of supporting those we have placed above us.

One of the messages the Guides have been giving is:

‘The moment you show up for yourself, advocate for yourself and support yourself, the energy will shift in your favour and gifts and blessings from the universe will flow through!!’

This is in total alignment with the messages Archangel Gabriel has been offering. When we tune into and honour our higher selves, we connect to our magic. We will have more energy and can be of better assistance to others. It’s not selfish, it’s essential!

Light workers have been doing incredible work on the planet with the tools that have been available to them. Now is the time to upgrade those tools and ways of working.


~ The Wild Healer ~


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Picture Credit: @ironika_photo

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