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Channelled Message (07/04/2020)

This morning I sat down to write about the energies that are pouring through at this time. However, them lot upstairs had other ideas!

I’ve never typed channelled messages before, until now… I felt it important to keep the text exactly as it was given to me, irrelevant of whether in parts it didn’t make sense or went against opinions or beliefs: “Meaningless distractions are being given by way of interference with the true nature of what is going on and this is still yet to be uncovered. This will all spill out over time. The light shields that are in place will be here for the next 5 years to ensure that this catastrophe will not continue with any form of deliberation. Your planet is a unique system and has taken aeons to develop the right conditions for which we are able to communicate clearly with you and delegate light in such a way. Your systems are being upgraded from the microbiomes, down to the earth’s core, helping you to resonate with the true frequencies of the earth. It is at this time that you must rest, recharge, drink water, receive sunlight and above all connect to love as a frequency, for it is the greatest healing tool under your belt. The DNA is able to heal itself and repair much quicker when you carry a higher vibration of love and gratitude. It is once again our deepest sympathies for those whose families have contracted the virus, these precautions are in place to prevent further war on your planet. We have been trying to circumvent opposing energies for quite some time and this is how it has come to form equilibrium. You must continue to offer your services to the human race, it is in dire need of attention. Meditation, medication and higher frequencies will help the energetic transition to come forth in the birthing of the new light. Crystalline children will be called forward from the stars, to activate new chakras around the world and realign the earth with the updated energy system of 5d. It is so important to keep yourself clear of any and all interference so that we may continue to contact you and bring forth messages about the greater divine plans for consciousness on your planet.”

Channelled: 07/04/20 20 – The Wild Healer ———————————————————————————

~ The Wild Healer ~

Picture Credit: @photos_of_your_fantasy

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