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Bastet, Birthing Vessels and the Crystalline Souls…

Over recent weeks there have been some increasingly bonkers energies flying around. We have all witnessed it happening on a global scale, not just in our daily lives. As timelines open and close, densities loosen and frequencies shift; we are being protected by new and or different Light Beings. It’s quite like a ‘changing of the guard’, we are encountering different types of guides stepping in for us to help us through these times of unrest and uncertainty.

Most of the time Maple, my black cat, is my shadow and follows me wherever I go. However, this past month I have been rather caught off guard. In my peripheral I am clearly seeing a very large black cat that isn’t her; It is in fact the Goddess Bastet!

I first saw her clear as day when I was Saging the house one morning. There were some very strong choice of French words used when I saw before me, a grandiose Ancient Egyptian Sphynx cat dripping in gold and jewels. She sat tall and proud, strong and calm.

After initially shitting myself, I caught my breath and connected into why she was present. I knew that she wasn’t there to cause maleficence as she was working to clear energies with me, not to oppose the clearing. She communicated that she was here to guard me as I worked. ‘Cool’ I shrugged as I turned to carry on, not quite understanding her importance in my life at that moment.

“Bastet is the Egyptian Goddess of the home, domesticity, women's secrets, cats, fertility, and childbirth. She protected the home from evil spirits and disease, especially diseases associated with women and children. As with many deities in Egyptian religion, she also played a role in the afterlife as a guide and helper to the dead although this was not one of her primary duties. She was the daughter of the Sun God Ra and is associated with the concept of the Eye of Ra (the all-seeing eye) and the Distant Goddess (a female deity who leaves Ra and returns to bring transformation).” – (Reference; Ancient History Encyclopaedia

Bastet was known to protect against Apep, the Serpent Demon. In ancient Egypt, Apep is the deification of several evil concepts including darkness, chaos and destruction.

Bastet protected the Sun God Ra in his nightly travels across the sky from these energies.

This role resulted in her acquiring another title: “the Lady of the Flame” (Lady of the Light).

The work that I am currently being connected to is something I have been keeping quite close to my chest, a ‘secret service’ if you will. This past year I have been inundated with women conceiving and miscarrying, the need for pregnancy healings have been increasing.

My guides have been telling me about the birthing of the new Crystalline Souls and Light Beings flooding to the planet at this time.

These new souls are extremely sensitive, they are so pure in their energies, that the conditions for birth have to be exact.

The women that are bringing them here are pure and light, they are strong and conscious. Their poor little bodies are going through the mill trying to be the best incubators possible for these incredible Star Children. Voldemort-19, while tragic, is also creating a cocoon and a forced ‘time out’ for these women. They are being called to avoid harsh energies, rest as much as possible and connect with their higher selves. The women who continue to fight this, sadly are the ones who seem to miscarry.

I have been communicating with other healers who are experiencing very similar things. ‘Birthing vessels’ is a term becoming more and more recognised in the spiritual field. There appear to be many different ways that these Crystalline Souls can be called forth. Sometimes it is in fact the healers that experience ‘false pregnancies’ and pass along the souls to the correct incubators during energy work. Sometimes the souls come in of their own accord, naturally drawn to their mothers because of their pure frequencies.

For any of you who have had pregnancy healing with me, I talk quite openly about ‘The Soul Bringers’; I named them this for lack of a fancier word! They are incredibly angelic beings that surround the mother during her gestation period. They are helping to transfer a soul from the etheric realms into a physical reality, providing energetic protection and safety at this sensitive time.

However more recently in my work, I have been encountering some extremely fragile connections. Looking into this has opened my eyes to what is actually happening regarding the purity of the souls entering the planet. As chaos is ensuing, the densities are lifting, and a new world is emerging; waves of pure and loving souls are being birthed. It’s very reminiscent of the 1970’s rise of the Indigo and Rainbow Children. Peace warriors come in stages, they clear the path for the next wave, and so on.

The energies of the ‘Quaran- Teenies’ (new name for the future generation?) will have absorbed the desire for change, for better, for freedom, for love. However, they will need supreme support in their development as they age. They will be incredibly gifted, connected and multidimensional; the parents are going to have their work cut out for them!

We are living in such an exciting time for so many reasons. Sure, there is a huge amount of trauma still happening but there is an incredible amount of light pouring through as well.

During this period of isolation, we are being forced to slow down, in doing so we are able to understand and realise the importance of this need to change.

Even focusing on the current riots happening, people are rising for love, rising for freedom, rising for a better world. We are all clearing the way, do not get dragged down in the undercurrent of lower vibrational energies. Lift your head back to the surface, take a deep breath and look at the big picture unfolding.

We are currently transiting through a portal of immense manifestation. Over this next couple of weeks, we will experience a unique opportunity to project out what we would most like to have eventuate in our future.

Be mindful of where your thoughts, aims and ideologies lay at this time; in other words, be careful what you wish for!

Manifesting is a neutral platform that can generate good or bad outcomes. False manifesting, aka: doing what society thinks you should do verses, what your soul is actually craving, will do you more harm than good. (That’s right social media influencers, I’m talking to you.)

Your soul always knows the way back to itself, you need only listen to it. Connect with the Goddess Bastet, connect with your higher self, connect with other lightworkers and radiate out to the best of your abilities, love on all levels.


~ The Wild Healer ~


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