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Astral Travel & Dream Space…

Our Guides and Spirit Team can connect and communicate with us when our state of consciousness has been altered.

You are more likely to have visions and messages come through during meditation or dream space than you are during active wake time.

This is because we need to become aware of our soul and ability to disconnect from the would around us and the body that holds us.

We are expansive beings, and there are many ways of reaching states of consciousness that provide us with gateways to connect with spirit.

You may be aware of things like:

- Ayahuasca / Peyote / Mushrooms / THC (Among other psychoactive plants.)

- Hypnosis and working in the Theta State (See Delores Cannon and QHHT)

- Meditation / Trance

- Sleep / Dreams / Astral projection / Astral Travel

Since I was little, I’ve always been able to ‘wake up’ during my dream, manipulate the scenarios and pick something more fun to do. Often I go to Disneyland, because why not?!

My Grandmother taught me how to do this. Her advice was: ‘If ever you’re having a bad dream, just remember to say “boo!” to the thing that is frightening you.’

As I was only little, I thought this was normal, and what you were supposed to do! I tried it, and immediately I found that it changed the level of control I had over my theta state.

I started to ‘remember’ how to fly, keep myself safe from entities that lurked in specific astral levels, and have more controlled fun when I went to sleep.

I think it was when the movie Inception came out, that I heard people saying ‘that shits crazy!’ And I felt confused! I didn’t realize that not everyone could do this. I regularly have dreams within dreams. Quite often I will have dreams that pick up from where I left off and I have memory of an ongoing story within my dreams, that span over years.

Our Guides and Spirit Team can relay important messages to us while we are in this relaxed state. Our loved ones who have passed over, often come to see us and have a chat. You may wake up not really remembering what you spoke about, you just remember feeling their energy and that you feel very happy and loved.

Sometimes we are able to have dreams that predict the future, or tell us about what’s happening to souls we are very connected with. When you wake up you often have the feeling that it was more than a dream, and later find out it was true.

The best way to connect and build pathways to encourage more Astral Travel, is to keep a dream journal by your bed. Every time you wake up, force yourself to scribble down whatever you can remember! This becomes easier as you train yourself to do it.

Make sure you date stamp your dreams and get yourself a handy dream dictionary to help decipher their meanings. It’s utterly profound what comes through, usually by way of metaphor, as is always the Guides favorite method of message!


~ The Wild Healer ~


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