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✨ M E M O R I E S ✨

I’ve noticed recently that I have been delving into core childhood memories with clients. I am able to access them in ways I’ve never done before.

Spirit knows that childhood innocence resonates so strongly in the work that I carry out, and buzzes through my childlike soul.

So they have presented me with an incredible gift! The ability to tap into your beautiful childhood memories and bring them back to you in such vivid ways.

They allow me to see you, the way you look and how you feel at that moment in time. I can taste, smell, hear, see and connect with everything around you in those memories.

The way the light plays out in these visions are akin to movies! It’s like golden sun rays pouring through the tree canopy.

I’ve seen road trips to the beach on holidays, playing in old fashioned go carts and bicycles, riding horses, the list goes on…

The most beautiful part of the work I get to share with clients, is how they viewed their loved ones.

When we’re are experiencing life through the eyes of childhood innocence, we are blissfully unaware of negative vibrations. We live through our heart space, open and expansive.

This allows us to view the people we love with beauty, their quirks and annoying habits to boot!

What’s the purpose of spirit taking us to these spectacular moments in your life?

We spend so much time focusing on progress, adulting and things we ‘have to do’ and very rarely take the time to tap in to our childlike bliss.

When we are transported back to times where things were ‘simple’ or ‘easy’, our shoulders drop and we find a calm wave ripple through us that sends us straight to a place of joy!

What we fail to acknowledge is that times back then probably weren’t easy or simple… but your mindset was geared to experience life with beauty and a thirst for play and exploration.

So taking these beautiful gifts from spirit, we can apply these same principles to the current moment of life we are in.

Grab a pot of bubbles and blow light and colour into your life. Roll down the grass hills, make daisy chains, and laugh until your belly hurts!

Connect to your inner child and see where they take you! 💕


~ The Wild Healer ~


Celestial Reiki • Tarot Card Reading • Crystal Sound Bath • Animal Communication & Healing • Lessons Of The Light

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