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What happens when we pass over?

Did you know that there is a Spiritual Ceremony that happens when we transition from the Earth Plane to the Spirit Realm?

Yes, we have a funeral to mourn the loss, and celebrate of the life of those who have passed over. However, the Spirit World has a ‘receiving’ ceremony that coincides with our Earthly traditions and send-offs.

Upon the tragic news of her Majesty The Queen’s passing on 8th September, I wondered about her receiving ceremony and what would happen to her during this ‘In Between’ period.

Often when someone passes over, they are held in limbo that works almost like a decompression chamber. Immediately after death, the soul leaves the body and becomes aware that they are no longer attached to their physical existence. As you can imagine, this can be quite a daunting experience, which is why it’s important to gradually acclimatise the soul back to the Spiritual Planes.

Funerals can take place anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks after the persons passing. During this time, there are a lot of emotions that are experienced on the Earth Plane by loved ones that have been left behind.

When this happens, the soul is pulled towards the person that is connecting with them. This is often why people feel their presence when they are grieving. Now, if this soul has a lot of people who love them on the earth plane, they are often pulled in many different directions, very quickly, and it can be a bit discombobulating for them.

I wondered about what was happening to Queen Elizabeth II, someone who had such public standing, and for so long. So I tuned into her energies to find out!

What I found was that her soul had small stature, much like her physical body, and was surrounded by very tall ancient soldiers that have served as the Queen or Kings Guard for centuries. Her soul was being heavily protected and was not being pulled from place to place, she was static. There were lots of very mixed emotions and energies being sent her way and she needed to be shielded from them, quite rightly so!

This image of her became more and more understood as mourning ceremonies continued for 10 days after her passing. Her body was placed in Westminster Abbey, she was surrounded by guards and her children and grandchildren held vigils as she was lying-in-state.

Something I have observed at funerals is that it is a union of ceremonies between the Earth Plane and the Spirit World. As we hold funerals to appreciate the life of the person and their transition, there are ceremonial ‘White Kings/Guards’ that stand ready to receive the soul. As the coffin is placed into the hearse, the spirits accept the soul into a chariot pulled by white horses. In union these vehicles move towards their final resting place.

It’s a beautiful connection between worlds, showing love and gratitude for time spent being of service. It’s a difficult journey being on the planet, and it is celebrated so.

Once the funeral takes place and the body is laid to rest, the journey of stepping back and transitioning can begin for the soul. As time goes by, they are called upon less frequently and it is less disruptive for the soul. There is a level of experience and understanding that has settled in.

When fully transitioned in to the Spirit Realm, there are many duties that they can fulfil. Our loved ones can watch over us, and become part of our Spirit Team. They can also help other souls acclimatise back in to their ethereal bodies.

Souls always have the ability to come back to the Earth Plane when called upon, so long as there is at least one person alive that still connects with them. Once there is no remaining people on the planet that has knowledge of their existence, they don’t come back and they can finally settle in the heavens or chose to reincarnate and join previous soul groups.


~ The Wild Healer ~


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