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Archangel Uriel is currently helping with Ascension...

Archangel Uriel came to me last night, I could see his ruby red glow all around me. I don’t tend to work with him personally all that often, so I was intrigued as to why he had shown up for me.

Archangel Uriel is known as the angel of wisdom and his name means, ‘God is My Light’. He shines the light of truth into the darkness of confusion. People call upon Uriel when making decisions, learning new information, solving problems and resolving conflicts.

Often when I see him during sessions with clients, he’s there to shine a light into their darkness, and illuminate the truth they have been seeking, but not seeing.

And so I asked him why he was here to help me at this time.

I’m sure many of us are experiencing difficulties currently, with soul identity crisis and emotional disruptions. This year has just been one thing after another with Karmic tests and extreme Ascension acceleration.

Personally, I have been really struggling with the Solar Flares, Schumann Resonance spikes, timeline jumps and thinning between dimensions.

For me, time has been speeding up, intensely so! It’s not a case of, ‘Oh where does the time go’, but actual days going by and seeing the date and being confused. Or I’m stuck on one particular day and it drags on for what feels like an eternity.

I’ve been noticing for months the timeline shifts becoming quicker and stronger in their energies. It feels like we are in an intense dream space where anything can happen.

Fatigue, exhaustion, nausea, brain fog, and emotional outbursts are common Ascension symptoms.

I have been trying to navigate those who are lost at this time, by helping people connect to joy, and teaching them to follow the breadcrumbs of happiness towards their larger bliss.

This energy seems to be the thing that anchors us into the higher timelines and keeps us grounded, and aware.

Uriel showed up for me last night because he’s helping light up the path ahead. This year The Guides upgraded my posting to ‘Leader for Wayshowers’. My ego is never a fan of titles or positions of leadership, so I had to sit with it for a while.

The Guides needed me to understand that I am one of few who is able to navigate this storm as I can hear them very clearly.

Being a ‘Lone Wolf’ all my life, I understand the concept of having to go through things on my own. This period of spiritual evolution is something that can feel particularly isolating and lonely. Connecting to the higher realms requires turning inwards, and those who are used to reflecting upon current situations from external sources, will have a difficult time transitioning.

This Full Moon will help illuminate answers or directions we are seeking. Security won’t come from thinking things through but from FEELING things through.

The scary thing about this journey is that the heart doesn’t have to know, it doesn’t need a tangible answer, its only job is to feel. When we let that feeling rise up, when we give that feeling permission to be, it can move us, direct us, and become our guiding light. This is why Uriel is working with the collective so strongly at the moment, he is there helping to guide us with his light.


~ The Wild Healer ~


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Picture Credit: @midnightmoonvisuals

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