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Apophyllite Cluster #7

Apophyllite Cluster


Apophyllite is a powerful crystal that can be used for healing and transformation. It has a strong connection to the higher realms and can be used to facilitate astral travel and remote viewing. This beautiful stone can also help to clear blockages in the chakras and open up the third eye and crown chakras. It is an excellent stone for meditation and can help keep the mind and bring about a state of inner peace.


Apophyllite is a beautiful, translucent crystal that can range in colour from white to green. The crystal can often have a sugary diamond-like appearance that glistens in any setting. 


Apophyllite is a powerful stone for healing and promoting positive energy flow. It can help you connect with your higher self and access divine guidance when used in meditation. It also promotes feelings of peace, love, and forgiveness. If you want more positivity and light in your life, consider adding some Apophyllite to your crystal collection. 


Apophyllite Is a high vibrational stone and is known to be a stone of truth by allowing you to find your own.  It is very calming and helps to ground your soul to this plane of existence while at the same time allowing you to be open and explore who you really are.


This gem can be used in crystal layouts or grids for healing purposes. It can also be placed on the chakras to activate, balance, or cleanse them. We sell Apophyllite tips, perfect for gridding and placing on the chakras. This gorgeous crystal can also be carried with you, or placed in your environment, to create a peaceful and calming energy.

Apophyllite Cluster #7

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