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You are the magic that you seek...

This week has been a beautiful release following the onslaught of Mars and Mercury going Retrograde. I was going to upload a video about what we were enduring last week and then my guides prompted me to wait till the moment had passed, simply because the energies were quite volatile at the time!

What we were experiencing was a destabilisation of the Masculine Ego, this is something that sits with in all of us. These energies connect to the ‘fun’ emotions; anger, competition, frustration, aggression, the need to be right, 'fight to the death' vibes.

What was coming up and being released was rather a lot of ‘pissing contest’ energy. You may have observed people getting into arguments, proving themselves to others and being extremely defensive. I’m rather glad it’s subsiding, talk about empaths walking on eggshells around the ‘quick to rise’ types!

No surprise, but last week I had so many male clients and their guides were helping them to be more comfortable with emotion and accepting the safety and love of the feminine. Thank you ladies for sending me your hubby-loves!

This week has bought some wonderful break throughs. I am so thrilled to be moving into a new wave of healing frequencies with clients. This past couple of years have been extremely heavy with so many emotions and grief to process. Lots of people were choosing to leave the planet and with that caused a lot of turmoil for those left behind.

This year, ‘The Great Awakening’ has seen an incredible rise in life pouring to Earth, despite VOLDEMORT-19. These souls carry such high vibrational energies, and I have been so lucky to have the opportunity to help anchor them in and converse with them in the womb.

Seriously, if you know any pregnant beauties, please send them my way, this work is so amazing and is an absolute pleasure to be a part of! Even though I am not particularly baby oriented, I seem to be able to connect with pregnant women and the souls they bring through in a way I can’t explain. Even before The Wild Healer began, I would ‘Out’ secrets by accident! I find that women who have a number of years trying to conceive, magically fall pregnant around me. Women who have experienced the tragedy of miscarriage, somehow manage to carry through during the next try when we work energetically together.

It fills my heart with so much joy that this happens for these women even though it isn’t something that I naturally gravitate towards for myself. I guess sometimes in life, you fall into the work that you are meant to do, mine seems to be ‘Soul Midwife’ to assist those coming in and those on their way out.

Another beautiful part of what has been sent to me, is having the honour of healing the doctors and midwives who help souls enter and leave at the front lines. Even the healers need healing!

2020 has been a fascinating year of growth. Some may disagree with this statement, but growth doesn’t always mean progress within the material world. The soul shifts have been phenomenal, painful but phenomenal, nonetheless.

Be proud of all that you have accomplished this year, reread that and dismiss the negative and comparative narrative that comes into your mind. Emotional growth, healing and aligning yourself with the higher timelines is difficult and takes courage.

Now say out loud:


Now flood your whole being with gratitude for the lessons and blessings that have been given to you in your life. They are what make you, you! And you my beauty are a spectacular thing to behold!

You are the magic that you seek.


~ The Wild Healer ~


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