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What on Earth is going on up there?!

I’ve tried to remain fairly quiet on social media during this intense planetary shit storm in the sky. Retrogrades, eclipses, new moons, full moons, solstice… it’s been a month-long energetic mouthful! Too many cooks in the kitchen, that is for sure! Unfortunately, it’s not ending any time soon either. I’m not going to unpack what it all means as there’s plenty of reading material out there, but what I will touch upon is the energy that we are all experiencing. I think the films ‘Bird Box’ or ‘The Purge’ are accurate (albeit slightly dramatic) representations of what we’re all going through right now! Everyone is running around outside becoming tormented by old wounds, triggers and inner demons and its extremely unsettling. Arguments, aggression, volatility, victim mode and emotional stabbing are rife! Those who have awakened to what’s happening have either sensibly booked a holiday or are trying to stay inside, away from the emotional chaos, remaining quiet and calm, breathing through their own internal storms, recognising triggers early and processing them. Metamorphosis is an ugly internal process, just remember the beauty of what appears on the other side. Birth, Death and Rebirths are traumatic events but when the storm calms, there is so much beauty to behold. On the plus side, there have been some wonderful energetic events that have opened portals of creativity and granted us stronger connections to higher realms. I have been having extremely vibrant Hogwarts visitors recently! Spirits, Guides, Angels and Galactics including the Lyrans and even an appearance from Attila the Hun! He’s an intriguing fellow! Never did I think that waking up to find ancient warriors next to your bed as a ‘job perk’ before, but I’ll take it all the same! I will be following up with a couple more blogs about these individuals and also some of your healing channels we’ve been accessing, they’re truly breath taking! I tend to become absorbed in the Reiki Babe Cave and forget to tell you lovely lot about our Multi-Dimensional Travels. Quietly exploring Crystal Cities, Ancient Egypt, Atlantis, Enchanted Forests, Underwater Worlds and all of the magical beings we talk to.

For now though Kids, lay low if you’re having a rough ride. Put down social media, it is simply a window that causes you to absorb other people's emotions. If you are an Empath or Clairsentient, you will be struggling to differentiate between your own emotions and those you are absorbing from others. Pretend you are back in the 90’s, get outside and play in the sunshine! Mother nature will welcome you with open arms. Ground yourself, have salt baths, stay hydrated, eat well, avoid drama. The Wild Healer’s Online Store is chock full of goodies to help you get through this! If you are in need of a little more support, remember that we’re always here if you need healing and bringing back into alignment. (Oh, and we also have that Chamomile Iced Tea you all enjoy! xx) Lots of Love ~ The Wild Healer ~

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