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Understanding Emotions in Animals

This morning I would like to share with you the effects it has on your animal when you go away for a period of time.

The depth of emotional range in animals is an argument that many people struggle to understand. Some claim that because they have a lower intelligence level, they are not aware of certain situations and believe that things won’t affect them in the same way it does humans. I have a Degree in Animal Behaviour, Welfare and Ethics. I am well aware of view points within the Scientific Community regarding this subject area. However I am also an Animal Communicator, a Dr. Dolittle if you will. Intuition and scientific reasoning conflict in my world on a daily basis!

This morning my partner left for a lengthy work trip.

Now many of you may understand the preemptive sulking behaviour in pets when they see the suitcases come out. They try to climb in and hide, they get stroppy and overly clingy. Maple is a very happy, sassy, independent and playful rescue cat. She is my helper, my muse and was sent here to look after me. She is affectionate but is most definitely not a lap cat.

Upon return from the airport this morning, I relaxed into Sunday morning coffee and internet browsing mode. A little paw touched my leg and a sad face looked up at me. For the last hour she has been sitting in my lap with her face buried into my arm, sighing and whimpering.

She is a deeply sensitive animal and what I would like to bring to everyones attention is that your animals share the same experiences. When you leave the house or go on holiday, it affects them. If you don’t pay them attention or you are not being present with them, it affects them. If there are fights and arguments at home, it affects them. Animals know and understand so much more than you realise. It’s 2018 and a lot is currently changing for the better but it’s high time we start to improve our understanding and emotional relationship with animals.

The Wild Healer | Darwin | Reiki | Tarot Card Readings | Animal Healing & Communication

The Wild Healer | Darwin | Reiki | Tarot Card Readings | Animal Healing & Communication

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