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Journey of The Wild Healer…

Created from a passion to help others, intensely captivated by the lighter realms and connections with spirit, The Wild Healer was birthed in Darwin, Australia.

The Wild Healer was formed by a mind enchanted by travel, a body with gypsy feet and a soul with a wanderlust heart. I explored the world, visiting sacred sites and landed in the red dirt of Australia, in the Solar Plexus of the planet, the Healing Energy Epicentre.

In the beginning I was entirely unsure of how Darwin would receive an Animal Communicator, Tarot Card Reader and Celestial Reiki Practitioner. Thankfully I had found a place of beauty and The Wild Healer flourished because of kind word of mouth and a warm welcome.

Tarot is something I had dabbled with for years; I truly fell in love with the craft after discovering how wonderful the messages were that came through for others. I developed a unique and harmonious method of intuitively reading Tarot Cards. It was a way to bring direction and clarification; my mediumship skills allowed me to speak with your guides and angels, and this helped to instil their insightful messages.

Energy Healing is something that came extremely naturally to me, I could always feel what was wrong with others in a medical mediumship manner. After testing my gifts in the real world and following guidance from the Universe, I knew it was time to raise the bar, and thus began Celestial Reiki for The Wild Healer. I discovered that I could go back and heal moments in time, uncover past lives and remove entities or attachments.

I am able to access high vibrational frequencies, activate and assimilate Light Code and align people with their divine purpose.

As I pushed deeper into my gifts, I discovered that I could allow Spirit to speak through me. Higher Beings began to channel their messages, for clients and sometimes just for me.

This is how The Wild Healer provides a unique healing experience by using the main principles of Reiki, infused with Crystal Healing, Aromatherapy and Angelic Assistance.

As a born Animal Communicator, I’ve always had an extremely close bond with animals. They would somehow find me and follow me for a chat. Working in an Aquarium showed me the range of different species I could bond with; my favourite conversations were with a Giant Pacific Octopus named Rainbow. I would bring her crystals to play with and I dedicated my free time to healing her with Reiki.

When The Wild Healer was created, I knew that Animal Communication and Healing was going to be a big part of this journey. I help to facilitate conversations between owners and their animals, helping them to understand problems their pets are dealing with. This service is perfect for alleviating anxieties and reducing stress in animals. Reiki Healing treatments allow them to relax and release blocked energies.

Growing up in the UK, I was spoilt for choice with abundance of Crystal Shops! Any time off was spent at psychic fairs, searching for treasures and discovering new levels of Crystal Healing. When I came to Australia, there wasn’t nearly as much available, and I was determined to bring more of this beautiful experience to others. So, I decided to set up a Crystal Shop in Darwin! Of course, I had to incorporate my other loves too; Tarot Cards, Oracle Cards, Essential Oils, Candles and Energy Clearing tools such as White Sage and Palo Santo. To be able to reach more people around Australia, I decided to turn The Wild Healer’s Crystal Shop into an Online Store. Spiritual convenient shopping with conservation and ethical sourcing in mind, sent to you in 100% recyclable packaging!

As The Wild Healer evolved and grew, I tried to incorporate other beautiful healing modalities. On a visit to the UK a few years ago, my mum took me to a Crystal Singing Bowl Gong Bath. The experience of ‘seeing sound’, colours and guides, knocked my socks off! It was so intense that I knew that it wouldn’t be too long before I bought Sound Healing to The Wild Healer.

From this, Crystal Sound Baths were born! Bathing in pure Quartz Crystal tones helps to align your Energy Centres and open your Chakras. This allows you to explore Higher Realms and expanded states of Consciousness.

Sound Healing has been used for thousands of years and has a wide range of health benefits including the alleviation of depression, stress and anxiety.

For many years I have been shown new ways of working by my clients. Requests were made for a mentorship programme, so I created Lessons Of The Light. This is a service designed to help you advance your own gifts in a way that’s most natural to you.

After years of being begged by clients to come out of The Reiki Babe Cave and host group sessions, I finally surrendered and began group Healing Crystal Sound Baths. I have been so blessed and entirely over the moon at this venture as each event has sold out. It’s always a lesson to trust what is meant for you, let go of fear and listen to your calling.

One of my proudest achievements for The Wild Healer to this day, is maintaining a solid 5 Star Review rating on all platforms. Each Testimonial has been so personal, touching and heart felt.

I feel truly blessed to be able to connect with so many beautiful souls, every single day. Without you, The Wild Healer wouldn’t be where she is today. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. I look forward to where this journey takes The Wild Healer and how its exquisiteness continues to unfold.


~ The Wild Healer ~


Celestial Reiki • Tarot Card Reading • Crystal Sound Bath • Animal Communication & Healing • Lessons Of The Light

Picture Credit: @lillianliuphotography

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