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Tapping into the Dark Feminine… 🖤

The dark feminine is something I’ve been talking about a lot with clients recently, as I’ve been teaching women to tap into their personal pool of power.

The Dark Feminine is something that is seemingly revered by societal standards because it’s so powerful, it could throw the patriarchy.

While the Sacred Masculine can exert strength and stature, the Dark Feminine is all about power and seduction.

For centuries, women have HAD to have different ‘fight’ styles to men. Meaning that we have perfected psychic senses and our sorcery has flourished.

The Masculine is boastful and large, but the Dark or Deep Feminine is energetically potent beyond measure.

You may have engaged in her magic at different stages of life depending on what your circumstances have been. We often dip into her energy when we ‘have nothing left to lose’, and ultimately want to see the world burn.

When we are working from the Deep Feminine, we are an unstoppable force. Others around us move out of the way, they can sense the energy and respect it.

It’s fierce, it’s determined, it’s calculated and calm. The best examples of this energy are Dragons. Dragon’s reputations preceded them, Dragons can breath fire but often don’t need to because they are given respect and a wide berth.

The Spirit Guide that often works with us during this phase is the Sheeba, the Black Panther.

Black Panther connects to astral travel, guardian energy, symbol of the feminine, death and rebirth, understanding of death, reclaiming ones power, ability to know the dark, aggressiveness and power without solar influence.

Touch can be a significant path to explore to awaken ones concealed gifts. The black panthers sleek, smooth and sensual coat has been linked to sexuality. If panther comes into your life it may be asking you to resolve old sexual issues, or to embrace your sexuality fully.

Sex magic is a huge part of connecting with the Dark Feminine. There is liberation in taking power back through sexual acts. After all, the creation and birth process is entirely concealed within the woman’s body, why shouldn’t the act in itself be reclaimed to empower the feminine?

The Dark Feminine is potent magic when tapped into correctly. She is a force to be reckoned with and caution must be taken when choosing to step into her energy.

Like Kali, the Dark Goddess, she will burn your life to the ground if she needs to, but she keeps your highest good in mind. She dissolves all forms that don’t serve you and rebuilds your life and your sense of self from the ground up.

Have you worked with your Dark Feminine?


~ The Wild Healer ~


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Picture Credit: @midnightmoonvisuals

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