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May your days be merry and bright...

Since about Halloween the energy has been dark and thick and overwhelming for a lot of us. Times have been very trying and our emotions, stress levels and ability to cope have very much been tested as we collectively transcend ego and the 3D. Over the past couple of weeks the veils have been going through a lot of different shifts. Some days it sounds like they’re talking to me through soup! You may notice that you are experiencing a lot of ascension symptoms currently. I myself have been sleeping more than usual and very deeply. I wake with awareness of so many conversations about what needs to be done during the day. Self care was a big one over the weekend. Dropping the seasonal stress with salt baths, essential oils and healthy food. Caring for yourself and your body allows you to regain soul strength so that you are able to help shine light and lift those around you. The energy seems to have changed quite drastically this week, thanks to the Solstice today (21st). I think this may also be down a larger portion of people taking vacation and de-stressing! The fairies are the first things to show up when the veils start to thin again. They are everywhere and you know what, I’ve missed the little buggers. Yes, I can always connect with my guides and channel their messages, but it sometimes feels like it’s through dulled senses when the energies are up the wazoo. Spirit Disco is back in full swing now though! Flashes, pops and whirls of colour are filling my eyes again and it’s so wonderful to reconnect, like seeing an old friend for a hug! My Native American Guide, Ka-Atawa looks as though he could be physically stood right next to me while we talk. Don’t even get be started on the Galactics! Spirit keep singing ‘White Christmas’ to me. To be honest though, I’m glad to have back the brightly coloured sparkles and flashes for a multidimensional Christmas! ~ The Wild Healer ~

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