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Great! We get a day… but what about the real issues?

International women’s day seems to have turned into a Media splash to celebrate the strong and courageous women of the world, collective female connection and a fluffy image to portray us as equals.

Well, I’m going to be the bitch to say it. Hogwash!

We seem to have tied the feminine up in a neat little bow to celebrate how far we’ve come, and it belittles how far we still have left to go.

Let’s have a look at what women are struggling with today in 2021, on our special day…

Did you know that up until a month ago, it was still illegal to have an abortion in South Australia? That’s right, the Legislative Council passed the bill on 3 December 2020, and the South Australian House of Assembly passed it on 19 February 2021 by 29 votes to 15.

That’s right, 15 of those votes were to keep abortion illegal!

Released yesterday, Oprah Winfrey interviewed Megan Markle regarding her experience leaving the Royal Family and the way she was treated. Megan has been entirely dragged through the mud over bullying claims, for not fitting in or wanting to keep quiet about the control she was experiencing. Meanwhile Prince Andrew who was blatantly involved with the underage sex offender, Jeffrey Epstein; has yet to be properly investigated for underaged sex allegations.

Even the Monarchy are exemplifying the drastic difference in treatment of the men and women they hold close. Each year we have to sit all cosy on Christmas and swallow old Lizzy’s bullshit speech about ‘peace on Earth, and goodwill toward men’… Come on Betty, shout out for the ladies please?!

Getting back to Australia, pointing to the capital. The recent rape allegations that were initially covered up are now being investigated. Scomo had to be reminded by his wife that his daughters could be subject to this type of abuse, and therefore should consider this a problem. Shout out to the lady wearing the trousers in that relationship and also, do we seriously have to remind the men in power to protect their women?

Only last week, the ADF chief's advice to female cadets was to avoid alcohol and going out alone while being “attractive”, so as not to become a target for sexual predators. This language not only instils that it is a women’s job to not become a victim of abuse, but also sets a precedence for societal acceptance that men casually assume the role of sexual abuser.

Even just these few examples stem from ‘leading world countries’, I daren’t even touch upon countries where women are still stoned to death for infidelity.

I regularly encounter clients who have to ask for permission from their husbands to sit with me for Tarot Card Readings or Healing. At times I have even had the husbands show up to my door insisting that they must come in for the session too, who were promptly turned away. This ladies, is why I have a ‘no extra person’ policy! This will never change. It is my moral duty to create a safe space for my client, so that they can open up and express exactly what they are experiencing, irrelevant of societal expectations. This is just a day-to-day experience to show that even in our own lives, we are still dealing with inequality and injustice for women.

It’s not good enough. Thanks for the day, but I’d rather that the real issues got sorted out.

The rising of the feminine is a movement, she is birthing, she is spreading her wings but she still has a long way to go before she can fly.


~ The Wild Healer ~


Celestial Reiki • Tarot Card Reading • Crystal Sound Bath • Animal Communication & Healing • Lessons Of The Light

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