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Channelled message (15/04/2020)

Here is the latest update given yesterday. It didn’t really sit well with me when reading it after it came pouring out, but it is not for me to judge what they would like to communicate at this time.

I feel it important to keep the text exactly as it was given to me, irrelevant of whether in parts it didn’t make sense or went against opinions or beliefs:

With much deliberation we would like to inform you of the next upheavals and events.

This time they will be at much higher speeds, they need to be this way to pass through deep layers of conflicted conscious, thoughts and belief systems. These next steps are going to be vastly unpopular among your race however it is something that must be done to stop the avalanche that could soon follow if not addressed immediately.

- Underground network systems that have been in place for hundreds of years, planning and organising such strategies that will accumulate in the involvement of disrupted politicians and activist movements.

- Exposing of truths hidden from the public eye

- Nano technology is going to be a big driving force in the next few weeks to come. Do not worry, this is something that will only last for a short term, they are releasing the technology as a test subject in light of what is happening, it is a mere prototype and is met with much resistance and hesitations among your people, it will be shut down before it is allowed to fully birth.

There is much debate among the galactic community about what amount of intervention should be taken to help aid, and surface events. We have decided to let them unfold naturally, allowing the human race to choose their own fate, for it is the laws that have always been, we merely usher support and aid when requested for.


~ The Wild Healer ~


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