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Break down to break open...

Today I would like to dedicate a post to all the strong women in my life.

The ones fighting their own secret battles and carrying on because they are made of tough stuff.

I have been writing a lot recently about abundance, taking charge and making the most for yourself.

Well these women are doing exactly that.

I have noticed that their strength has come from admitting their weaknesses and by them choosing to work on areas that need fixing. These women are dealing with intense physical health issues, emotional turmoils and spiritual releasing.

It takes great courage to acknowledge when something isn’t right. Sometimes our bodies let us down. Sometimes we can’t process emotions in the way we would like to. Sometimes we hold onto issues from past lives and bring them into this one to understand them on a deeper level.

You may know these women, you may be these women. These women are warriors.

2018 is really and truly the year to rip apart our souls at the very seams. We need to unravel and break so that we can mend and move forward into a higher vibration.

My heart is so full for you. Know that my arms and door is always open.

~ The Wild Healer

The Wild Healer | Darwin | Reiki | Tarot Card Readings | Animal Healing & Communication

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