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Atlantis and the Lion's Gate Portal...

For those who recall the days of Atlantis, and the devastation that befell this peaceful place; remember that after the chaos came the building of ‘The New World’.

For many of us the transition was difficult, we had knowledge of how harmonious the Earth was before the devastation; the density shift was incredibly hard to live with.

The battle of Light and Dark on the planet is older than any of us can imagine, but there is always faith that the light will be restored back to the days of the Great Atlantis.

In the lead up to the Lion's Gate Portal (08/08/20), it is important for the previously awakened ones to take a step back and detach from the chaos ensuing around us.

These events and energy shifts are not new to us, we have experienced this before. It is now time to go inward, connect with the ancient knowledge and allow the waves of awakening to ripple out. The shift is already in motion. It is up to the gate keepers to bring forth the knowledge of the old, the great, the divine.

Fear and distortion is the sabotage for the ripple effect of consciousness. It is up to the connected to remain grounded and peaceful.

Remember to refrain and stay in your light, these times are hard and exhausting, now is the time to recuperate, gain strength before yet another long journey ahead.

To break down doors takes might, to storm the castle takes more energy still, but to rebuild the citadel requires a paramount of steadfastness and love.

Being on this planet has the ability to bring anyone to their knees. Remember how loved you are, remember your mission for light, for right, for justice, for all. Unity Consciousness and Universal Love are not fluffy words, they are powerful words. Feel their intention, their frequency.

You have the ability to channel into the tapestry, the very fabric of existence and receive loving vibrations. Fill your cup, replenish any lost parts of yourself, then scatter light along your path. If everyone choses to scoop up a handful of these seeds and plant love, we will find that we have created Eden along the way.

The fruit isn’t forbidden, the fruit contains the seeds needed to recreate the lost world.

Take a bite and get sowing.


~ The Wild Healer ~


Celestial Reiki • Tarot Card Reading • Crystal Sound Bath • Animal Communication & Healing • Lessons Of The Light

Picture Credit: @erialali

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