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You and your path...

This morning I received a couple of amazing emails from my clients regarding their recent Tarot Card Readings. The Wild Healer works to better the lives of others and restore harmony. When you have a Tarot Card Reading, we will assess how you can move forward and have a positive interaction with your future. If you don’t like something, change it! Or at least change your attitude towards it so that it no longer disturbs your peace. Your future has infinite possibilities! It is you, and you alone who choses, and walks your path! This information comes much to the dismay of my indecisive clients looking for me to tell them what to do. 😘 Now in saying this, the universe seems to be having a giggle at me. Because I work with the loophole in the system, it’s not making it easy for me by any means. Because I share this information with my clients, it opens up more paths. This means more opportunities and more cards that I have to pull and shuffle and regroup and scratch my head at! It can be difficult not to look bonkers while having 3 simultaneously conversations! One with guides, one with myself to understand and one with clients. I have been so blessed with the people who have come to see me. I explain to them how I work and they really, truly get ‘it’. My client yesterday had a plethora of opportunities unfold in the cards. Although uncertain of a definite answer, we were able to identify how much time she had to weigh up this decision. We were able to establish what would make her feel good, what would lead her down the wrong path and what would grow her as a person. - This was her insight for her session: “I wanted to say a big Thank You! for my reading, you were spot on… On reflection, I think perhaps we (clients) aren’t always sure of the path we want to take and therefore haven’t made any decisions for you to see… …So I believe it’s my indecisiveness and lack of direction past the immediate future that resulted in the outcome of the reading.” Needless to say, her words are impeccably wise. She has an incredible grasp on how energies travel across time platforms and how junctures appear. It’s lightbulb moments like this that make my heart sing. I love my job, I love the people that I get to meet and I’m honoured to be included in their step towards a more harmonious future.

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