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Who are you 'Fall'ing?

Living in the Northern Territory of Australia has its perks, like year-round sunshine and incredible thunderstorms that encapsulate electric magic. However, being from the Northern Hemisphere, I miss out on my favourite season of all, Autumn. Every October I become entirely obsessed with the enchanted energy of Fall; cosy log fires, pumpkins and of course, my calling in every lifetime, witchy business!

This year I have been pouring my consciousness into celebrating the natural ritual of this season. Being entirely thankful for all of the lessons and blessings we have been given on our path and rejoicing in what must ‘Fall’ away from us in order to grow and ‘Rebirth’.

This year has undoubtably been extremely intense and energetically hard to navigate. It has taught us to really separate from the ‘narrative’, what we are told to do or believe. It has called for us to connect with our higher selves, address our shadows and shine a light on where we truly want to move forward.

One of the main lessons this year as brought forth is tuning out the stress response we have been all too comfortable ‘living in’. Many of my clients are revisiting bad behaviours and suffering exaggerated symptoms of stress by returning to the hamster wheel of grinding and hustling.

Even while writing this, my partner has called me out for putting a pressure on myself to produce this piece. ‘You don’t have to do anything’, he said lovingly, and he’s exactly right. We can choose for ourselves to be present, so that we are no longer being controlled by subconscious drives that stem from a survival instinct.

VOLDEMORT-19 provided us with a brief period in history where we were forced into rest and isolation. We were given permission to stop what we are doing and were told that our health is more important than the economy.

‘Work Hard, Play Hard’ should be shifted to ‘Work Enough and Play Consciously’.

Sure, the slogan won’t sell as many mugs or tee shirts, but the sentiment is much more efficient!

The energy of Autumn is about slowing down and reaping the rewards of our hard work, ‘Harvest’. Taking the time to step outside, appreciate the beauty of nature that we are surrounded by and the ever-changing pace of life. We must remember to connect to joy and live in the moment. We must allow our stress response to reset, leaving us with a quiet mind to value ourselves and loved ones.

When you think of this season, what feelings are evoked? What traditions bring you most happiness? I can almost guarantee, you will never reminisce about all of those long hours at the office or how hard you worked at a job. It will always be about the memories you make in the space of love and connections. What are yours?


~ The Wild Healer ~


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Picture Credit: @thefarmersdaughter_ri

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