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✨ What it means to be a Soul Doula ✨

The evolution of light consciousness has reached a point where new souls are arriving on mass. These are the Crystalline Souls!

They are incredibly pure in frequency, highly gifted and have never incarnated on Earth before. We are at a precipice for peace, the new Earth, the return of Atlantis if you will.

These new souls are healers, channels and scale tippers towards the light!

Soul Doulas are needed to guide them towards their mothers, help anchor them and connect them with their highest timelines.

I started this work a few years ago, and it approached me in many different ways. I noticed a new type of Angelic was working with me during Pregnancy Reiki sessions. They look like very young Angels, but nothing like Cherubs! I call them ‘The Soul Bringers’.

I noticed that these Angelics would gather around women who were pregnant. Upon channelling them, I found that it was their job to ‘stitch’ the soul of the child to their assigned mother, and ensure the transition was a smooth one. They would spend more time with women who had complications or previous miscarriages, or if the mother was enduring a large amount of stress in her life.

The Soul Bringers would sing and create harmonic frequencies that caused the ‘stitch’ between the mother and the Crystalline Soul. People say that pregnant women glow, but in these cases, they actually do! Their auras shine brighter, not only because there are two souls in one body, but because they are surrounded by pure Angelic Entities!

During this work I also noticed souls ‘floating’ around people. Quite often I will say to women who come to see me that there is a little incarnate nearby and if you so choose, they would pick you as a mother.

I’m able to see what they will look like as a person, usually around the age of two to three years for age. I can see their personality, what they like doing and how they bond with their parents. These visions are always surrounded by the most beautiful, dreamy light.

There are also souls that hover around people, long after their opportunity to be birthed has passed. For example, if a women miscarries or has a termination, the soul may stick around to see if it can come through again later.

Another instance, which I find the most fascinating of all is when I see souls that are adults and come through during channelling, as brothers or sisters of my client. This indicates that the client’s mother had miscarriages or terminations. The soul had decided to stay with this cluster of souls, and ‘grow up’ to support them from the spirit world. They may get the opportunity to be birthed in the next cycle with them as a soul family or bound by Karma.

I have really committed to doing this work as a Soul Doula because it is surrounded by so much love and joy! It’s never something I pursued, the Universe just kinda said:

‘Oi! Here you go, do this!’.

I’ve been a High Priestess during the times of Atlantis. This work bought me so much joy back then, and so naturally I have been called to carry out this magic again now!


~ The Wild Healer ~


Celestial Reiki • Tarot Card Reading • Fertility, Pregnancy and Postpartum Healing • Crystal Sound Bath • Animal Communication & Healing • Lessons Of The Light

Picture Credit: @yanasaintlevie

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