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What are you plugged into?

I’m finding that my social media feeds are becoming very ‘affecting’.

Each day I wake up, look at my phone and think 🤷🏼‍♀️ what’s the point?

We sit and mindlessly scroll looking for news, information, inspiration, something entertaining.

The more I’ve done this, the more I’ve zoned out and actually noticed the placement of arguments or negative triggers.

Today’s example has been a very intense amping up of Christianity vs the New Age. If I was from another planet reading my feed this morning, it would appear as though this is a traumatic war or that I follow a huge amount of hate speech for either side.

The truth is, I’m very neutral about all religions. I believe in love as a vibration and that’s about it. I tell my clients that anything they resonate with in our sessions, take it. If it doesn’t sit with your soul, throw it out. There’s never any force.

This morning I see so much hate from both sides of these belief systems and both claim to love. I find the whole notion completely bizarre.

I paused to think about why I was being shown this... is there a significant date today? 29/01/2019... sure there’s some repetition in there but I wouldn’t say significant.

I’m now baffled as to either the synchronicity of this or the placement of social media algorithms. It’s not selling me something, it’s trying to find an argument that I have a connection to and agitate me with it.

What an epic form of manipulation!

All of this information is sinking into our grey matter, our subconscious. How easy it is to form opinions or wage people against each other... and for what reason?

In this day and age we have to be more careful than ever to stay focused on ourselves, what we genuinely believe in or feel to be truth. We are so influenced by advertising and political agenda.

It’s time to take control of our thoughts and minds. Switch off, reboot and plug ourselves into a more harmonious source.

Nature, intuition and our higher selves.

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