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Welcome to Hogwarts, here is your spiritual manual...

Ok! Well as Halloween is just around the corner, I recon it’s time to share some real life ghost stories with you lovely lot… 👻😱☠️ As many of you know, I’m from the UK (now living in Darwin, NT) where there are plenty of extremely old buildings steeped in history that come with their resident spooks. When I left home and moved to Cornwall to do my degree is when this Woo-Woo business got very real for me. I began living temporarily in an old hotel near the waterfront. It had quite old fashioned sea-side decor that was enough to give anyone the willies! I started to notice odd things happening. Strange noises at funny hours, doors opening or closing with no-one around, radios and tv’s turning on and off. At first I put it down to corridor drafts, other residents in the hotel or poor tv/radio signal due to weather. But then the winter season kicked in and it was just myself and the owners living in the hotel. The entrance area was always poorly lit and often when I came in of an evening I would for no reason feel terrified by a ‘presence’ and run up stairs to my room. On more than one occasion I would have a black shadow follow me. I then started to notice a white shadow figure stand behind me as I brushed my hair in the mirror and got ready in the mornings. I’d never seen a white one before, least of all in the day time! This one felt nice, she felt caring, it felt like she was smiling at me and looking after me. These sensations were bizarre - it was a white shadow… I was loosing the plot! Eventually, I swallowed my pride and sheepishly asked the owner if the place was haunted. I explained my encounters and she replied: “You are very tuned in aren’t you? Have you seen the children yet?” At this point I near pooped my pants, firstly because it was my fears confirmed, I wasn’t going crazy. Secondly, there were ghost children around!! *cue horror film screams* The owner explained that the row of seperate Hotels used to be all one building and served as a Hospital during the Second World War. The Spook that would haunt the entrance was called Terry. The owner managed to find old deeds that showed he was the man who owned everything. The hotel where I lived held true to the decor of that era and therefore was Terry’s favourite place to haunt. The kind and caring white shadow was a Nurse who worked at the Hospital. As I settled into what I was perceiving I began to see her figure more clearly each day. She didn’t bother me, in fact she was nice company at times. Now, the children who haunted the second floor decided to start playing games to get my attention. It’s not every day ghosts or spirits get acknowledgement, so when someone shows up with an interest in them, things get active! One evening I was up working late on an assignment in my room on the third floor. I heard a pair of quickened footsteps up the stairs, followed by several loud knocks at my door. Thinking it was the owners grandchildren coming to say hello, I stopped what I was doing to answer. …When I got to the door, there was no-one there. It’s safe to say I had a rather terrifying sleepless night. The next morning, the owner confirmed that I was the only person in the hotel as they were out playing darts and the grandchildren were not around. After this event, I started to regularly wake up at witching hour with faces hovering over me. It was honestly terrifying and sadly, once it's switched on… there is no off switch! In these instances we can only ground, clear protect and vibrate higher as to not attract darker energies. No one is there with a guide book in the beginning though. “Welcome to Hogwarts, here is your spiritual manual.” It’s all a learning curve down the rabbit hole to wonderland!

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