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Venusians and the Crystalline Cities… ✨

Celestial Reiki sessions have really been ramped up this past couple of weeks! The Guides have been launching me into intense dimensions, and tapping us into Galactic Healing Centres.

Every now and again I get to visit the Venusians and their Crystalline Cities, but this week I encountered the most intense experience of them with such vivid connections.

The Venusians exist in a realm that has many different ecosystems, much like our own, except theirs is just so magical!

They have violet skies, with many planets and suns that can be seen during the day. Their Crystalline cities are extremely high vibrational and almost look holographic from a distance, but they are iridescent and shimmer in the light.

They have forests that host a plethora of magical creatures and elementals, that are similar to the movie Avatar. I have been enraptured by a caterpillar-like creature on a previous visit! It looked a lot like a Blue Dragon Sea Slug. It spun down from a tree on a thread of silk that glowed, it spat webs of light and pulsed its anemone-like tentacles.

The Venusians have expansive oceans that are filled with creatures we only hear about in fairytales. Dolphins exist here and are an extremely telepathic race, they are respected for their regal hierarchy.

In the underwater realms of the Venusian lands, exist Merpeople. They can shape-shift their identity depending on how they feel in certain situations. If startled they present fierce and look like those from Harry Potter, but when relaxed and playful they emanate beauty. Once accepted by them, they shower you with gifts to make you feel welcome and offer their home freely.

Each being that exists here has the capacity to embrace you with such high vibrational love and healing energy. The dimensions are so high up, that I experience a sensation of being underwater, or having the bends, it's an intense head pressure to go up that high!

You most definitely feel the aches and pains of your body when you come back down to Earth, thats for sure!

It’s been so lovely connecting so intensely with the Guides before I take a step back this year. I think they know how much I love spending time with them, and they are showering me with incredible experiences to get me through this quiet muggle time laid out before me on my path. Motherhood is a different kind of exciting, but oh, how wonderful it is to be up in the heavens.


~ The Wild Healer ~


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Picture Credit: @kailastargazer

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