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A couple of years ago, Twin Flames became all the rage… much to my dismay!

The amount of young girls that would come to me and ask for a Twin Flame Reading or ask the question: ‘I want to meet my Twin Flame, when will this happen?’

Ay ay ay!

Let’s be straight... (because you know I can’t be anything but!)

Twin Flames are NOT the rosey romantic relationship that they have been painted to be. Don’t get me wrong, they stay with you for a lifetime but not always for good reasons.

The main difference is that while your Twin Flame is two halves of the same soul, Soulmates are two souls that belong together. Fluffy on the surface right?

A Twin Flame is where two souls are cut from the same flame, they are identical in energy. They are bound throughout each incarnation, and work to clear all karma between their souls so that eventually, in one life, they may be able to come together in peaceful union. That is to say that every union outside of this, is turbulent and heart wrenching!

When you meet your Twin Flame, the world stops around you. Time slows down and each moment becomes imprinted onto your mind, like a movie. You cannot eat, sleep or breathe without thinking about them. You feel like every step of your life was leading you towards them. You are hooked by the overwhelming sensation of connection.

In the beginning these relationships are pure magic, love and fireworks. However! You can feel rather drunk from the intensity of the connection, and as we know, addictions tend to turn south because we become dependent on those highs. Very quickly these relationships become difficult, and multiple reasons appear as to why you cannot be together, they can be very push pull. Rarely will you find any form of commitment from your Twin Flame.

The intensity of the love you have for them starts to burn a hole in your heart, where once was a warm glow. Your Twin Flam is unobtainable, your happy ending is always out of reach. It should be so easy, you feel in your soul that you are meant to be together but alas you never align. Quickly, you will start to experience emotions of upset, overwhelm, confusion, heartbreak and grief. The imprint of your Twin Flame experience never leaves you. Quite often they can be a catalyst, a life changing juncture where you both head off in completely different directions.

A Soulmate connection, however is a breath of fresh air! Much like the Twin Flame, your souls are bound together and you are destined to meet. You may experience huge life upheavals before you meet them. This is simply because the Universe needs you to get out of your comfort zone, grow as an individual and reach a precipice of maturity before you can begin this journey.

Your Soulmate, is one of friendship, support, ease and healing. They are someone who walks into your life and makes you instantly feel that you can be truly yourself without filter. They have been on a similar journey of upheaval to get to you too! It feels like you have reconnected with an old friend and they are here to stay!

They hold space for you, make you feel safe and allow you to heal as an individual so that you can grow together towards a beautiful future.

Okay, let’s talk about how these two relationships FEEL by comparison to one another, so that you are easily able to identify when you are in them. In a Twin Flame relationship, you FALL in love, whereas in a Soulmate relationship, you ARE in love. One burns hot and bright, and the other is a lasting flame.

- Soul Mate: Easy, comfortable, effortless, like you can truly be yourself around them.

- Twin Flame: Overwhelmed, sensory overload, obsessed, as if your heart is going to fall out of your chest, drunk.

These are two very different vibrations to be felt within our bodies. One makes you feel quite peaceful and relaxed, the other puts you on edge.

So, now you understand the difference between these Soul connected relationships and why you wouldn’t actively seek out the Twin Flame Dynamic, if what you are searching for is your Soul Mate.


~ The Wild Healer ~


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