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Transition Phases...

Since the Equinox the energies have been extremely intense… (to be honest I’m trying to remember a time when I didn’t start a blog post with those words!)

Lets just assume that we’re going to be continuously engaging in ongoing waves of intensities as light frequencies increase.

I don’t know whether being from the Northern Hemisphere has any correlation, but I find myself in total alignment with the Autumn Season and all of the energies it resonates with even though I’m currently based in the Southern Hemisphere, sorry Australia!

Between Autumn and Winter if you look up to the sky, you will see a cluster of seven stars known as the Pleiades. As they shine so brightly, the Pleiades stars have been recorded in ancient texts and drawings across many civilizations including the Greeks, Egyptians, Indians, Australian Aboriginals, Native Americans, Japanese, and more. In Celtic traditions, the Pleiades would be seen rising during the season of Autumn, a time synonymous with celebrating and honouring the cycle of death, therefore the Seven Sisters were linked to death, loss, and grief, but were also believed to bring comfort to those in mourning.

This past month has bought forth some of the most intense ‘transition phases’ I’ve ever encountered. I have had the honour of assisting in Soul Midwifery, aiding those in grief periods and helping souls on the other side reconnect with loved ones, both humans and animals alike.

It’s been a heavy month of processing terminal illness, people passing over, dealing with loss and intense chord cutting on energetic levels.

The full moon in Aries has been a welcome and complementary lunar phase.

This fiery sign has brought a wonderful release point, and while tensions have been high, we can use this frequency to let go of things that have made us feel stuck or blocked. Transformation and regeneration are calling. As there are less than 3months left in this decade, I’ve decided to fully immerse myself in letting go of old toxins in all aspects of body, mind and soul.

Rest has been crucial during this Full Moon period.

Energy Healing, Juice Detoxing and connecting to nature have been vital for this release transition. We are now in the Mercury Retrograde shadow. Yes, the fun and games that usually come with this event are on their way, however we can make great use of realigning and organising ourselves for the upcoming 2020.

~ The Wild Healer ~

Picture Credit: @cosmiccollage

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