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The Social Media ‘Gloss’ - Curated Elements vs. Reality...

A lot of the time we spend our lives looking out, instead of tuning in. We compare ourselves to the masks that others wear and the lifestyles they portray.

I think that the best most recent example of this in celebrity culture, is Khloé Kardashian’s pool side unedited photo ‘scandal’. She is quite literally harassing the internet because the truth slipped, and her charade could no longer be sustained.

Her main complaint is that society puts so much pressure on those in the spotlight to be this perfect version of whatever they require from you on a day-to-day basis. The irony is that the ramifications of the slip, is befuddlement that she felt the need to alter her images and there has been a flooding of genuine support from people.

Her body is normal, she is a person, and no one is shaming her for that. In fact, it’s had quite a compacting effect on Khloe’s mental health because it’s a monster that her family set the bar for and help to perpetuate.

So where does this negative energy come from? If the people receiving the information hate it, and those in the spotlight don’t align, where does the sabotaging culture come from?

You guessed it, the media!

A lot of what TikTok has been discussing recently is the comeback of the low-rise jeans. Images are resurfacing of the starved celebrities, emaciated by substance abuse and eating disorders when the fashion first came in. This was a generation’s ‘role model’ culture, it is what we were told we had to align with. Women are being extremely triggered and have serious concerns for what this means for those young impressionable girls who are stepping into this fashion trend.

All of these shallow, toxic pools reconnect to the rising of the feminine. Women have experienced persecution in so many ways and are aware of how to eliminate these wounds in the here and now.

We need to stop projecting outwardly that our lives are perfect. We know that this is a false narrative. What we need is more reality, and this truth can be ugly to look at. This version doesn’t look glossy or polished, why? Because life never is. This cultivated surface appearance is a falsity to keep us asleep, keep us dreaming about the unobtainable.

We can bring these elements into our day-to-day interactions.

How many people do you know that are dealing with dark things behind closed doors and continue to put up smiling selfies and inspirational quotes on social platforms?

How many times do you bump into someone and do the classic interaction of:

“Hi, how are you?” “Yeah good thanks, how are you?” “Yeah good.” Side stepping reality because we know we’re both dying inside… I literally had this conversation with a check out lady yesterday. I have a trapped sciatic nerve and am in absolute agony, I am standing at the desk with a heavy-duty pain killer and a look of death on my face and we did this ridiculous social dance.

We need to stop perpetuating this narrative that we are all fine and that we are living our best lives. To always be positive is toxic and false. It’s good to look on the bright side of things, but to ignore and suppress reality and truth is destructive.

The ones who I most admire, talk about their darkness. Not to gain attention, but to keep it real and to educate those around them about what they’re experiencing. This starts a conversation that will help more people understand and support those who are enduring the same.

Dear Earth Angels, the truth won’t make you fall from grace, the truth will set you free.

Be brave and remove the gloss, you don’t know how much of a hero you are when you do.


~ The Wild Healer ~


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Picture Credit: @bellakotak

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