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The Ripples of Time…

Timelines, as they open and close around us, are becoming more apparent day by day.

We are able to observe time ripple and unfold before us; like the ocean, The New Wave builds and flows towards The New Earth.

As we move moment by moment, we can feel things that seem familiar; a Deja-vu of memories that haven’t yet played out. We are witnessing the change in what we felt would happen and what is now actually happening. Expecting to recreate that of which we already know and feel familiar, yet experiencing something slightly different.

We have pre-existing memories of these roads we’ve been down before; nevertheless, we still tread with uncertainty for its outcome. The ever unfolding and ever-changing pathways within time will devour us, consuming our consciousness within this construct.

We are observing the collective consciousness change and grow, we are witnessing ourselves transform. We are actively willing for a lighter outcome while holding on to the chains that have confined us to the old paradigms.

We are able to stand back and observe the self as we play through each situation, continuously questioning if our actions and energies still fit the moment. Can we change for the better as we grow as a species?

Karma is being released from every dark pocket of the planet. Light frequencies are sifting through dense and ancient control systems. Every day we are being tested in the construction of the New Earth; we are being urged to let go of the old.

The ego must be slain, self-sabotaging ways must be relinquished, growth cannot occur while the snake continues to eat its own tail.


~ The Wild Healer ~


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