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The Reiki Experience…

Recently I have come to find that my Tarot Card Readings and Reiki Healings are taking on a whole new level. Readings are becoming more intricate and complex and my healing is intensifying. The guides I’m working with are channeling as if they are stood in the physical with me. I hadn’t stopped to think about what this meant from a clients perspective, I’ve been enjoying the experience of shifting higher without analysing my work. Last night I was able to experience my healing first hand. I woke up in immense pain, my first reaction was to throw down some paracetamol. Knowing this would take time to kick in, the pain in the mean time was rather breathe taking. I decided to use Reiki to help ‘ease’ my discomfort until the medication started to work. What happened next was quite unexpected. The second I put my hand on the area, I felt the pain quickly leave my body. My hand, as a Healer turned ice cold. So cold, it was like John Snow telling me ‘winter is coming’, ice cold. Now upon assessment from both sides, the Receiver and the Healer. I didn’t expect to experience complete pain removal like that and be almost instantly relieved. As a Healer, I’d never encountered such a cold effect on my hands which is usually an indicator as to the type and intensity of the pain. Reiki and Healing is an incredible journey, one which I’m truely grateful for. Sometimes when we work hard to achieve something we don’t take a moment to appreciate where we are on that path. Last night was an indicator for myself. It allowed me to understand my own work a little better and know that what i’m doing is actually truely helping people and animals. ~ The Wild Healer ~

The Wild Healer | Darwin | Reiki | Tarot Card Readings | Animal Communication & Healing

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