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The Conscious Clairsentient...

To be a Clairsentient is both a blessing and a curse.

We feel everything so deeply.

This isn’t your typical empathic, connectedness to emotions or sensitivity. I literally mean we feel EVERYTHING. I had a woman sit with me for a Card Reading yesterday and I could feel the nerve damage in her neck from a motorbike accident she had years ago.

I wasn’t touching her, I wasn’t actively healing her but by merging with her energy briefly, I could feel the intensity of the pain in my own body.

For any of you who have come for a Celestial Reiki session with me, you will know what i’m talking about because you see me hopping up and down when I unlock trauma from old wounds.

I can feel everything that is going on in your body. Back pain, headaches, broken bones, tattoos, car crashes, miscarriages, terminations, cancer, pregnancy.

You name it, I feel it.

The worst is when I have the beautiful fitness junkies pop in to see me after squatting all weekend…!! (You know who you are!) Not only do I feel your physical body but your emotional frequency too. I don’t even have to be in the same room as you to know how you’re feeling.

I feel your anxiety, happiness, sadness, grief, nervousness… even if you think it’s well hidden from the world by your mask you wear each day.

There are no secrets around a Clairsentient.

I work with harmony and with truth. Truth isn’t always pretty, but it is always truth.

If you are willing to pull down your walls and take off your mask, I am willing to feel all of your pain, accept you as you are, love you in totality and heal you.

This is my life purpose.

To love unconditionally.

To feel and to heal.

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