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The 2020 anxiety overload…

Last year we were called to clear through karma, energies connecting to our relationships, and that which no longer serves us. This year we are all being called to face our insecurities and self-doubts. We have been sifting through layers of soul purpose, ways forward and our place here on the planet.

I have encountered people from all walks of life questioning and doubting themselves and what they are meant to be here for, or even if they still want to be here.

I must admit, that even for myself at times, I’ve wanted to go home. Back to the place of peace and light. Earth can be so dense with pain and suffering, why must light workers endure, absorb and transmute so much toxic energy? (Stomps foot like a stroppy toddler!)

We have all be called into ‘daydream land’ for analysis. Whether in sleep or waking life, we’ve been lifted and ungrounded from our physical bodies and spiritually questioned by our higher selves about where we’re at on our soul contract. Some of us have opted to void them and go home, the rest of us have tapped back in for another few rounds.

It has been a rather intense and uphill start of the year for many people. As I’ve said before, please don’t go expecting this to change for another couple of months. We’re about to step into the Mercury Retrograde Shadow and I can already feel people pulling their hair out, things going wrong or technology failing us.

Do yourself a solid. Realise that we’re in a bit of an energetic shitty goop at this moment. Keep ‘Doing the Dori’ – ‘Just keep swimming’. I promise you that when we get to the portal of release in a couple of months, it will be so spectacular. It will be the relief we’ve all been yearning for, and because we’ve set our Auto Pilot to ‘Health, Abundance and Flow’ – that’s exactly what will come back to us.

DEAR SOCIAL MEDIA INFLUENCERS: Please stop projecting to the outside world that you are amazing and ‘living your best life’, all of the time. Even Trump would call Fake News on you!

If you are going through something, please take time to remove yourself from the spotlight, heal your wounds and when you are ready to step back up to your podium, pay homage to your pain. Not everyone is amazing all of the time, this is where social media lets us down and creates anxiety for the consumer. Your followers will relate to you so much more when you can show your humanness too.

Pride, ego and masks are all connected to the 3d matrix.

Rise above this lovelies, we are not there anymore.

At this moment in time, we can negate lower vibrational energies by… you guessed it, connecting to nature!

Disconnect from technology, stop your mind from looping, calm, breathe and sit with yourself.

As above, so below, as within, so without.


~ The Wild Healer ~

Picture Credit: @indg0

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