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Reiki | Water, Water Everywhere...

Wow! What an intense week that was! 😳 All across the board i’m hearing of things breaking down for people. At times things have been extremely frustrating and jarring.

The thing to remember is the feeling you get when impositions or blocks clear. There is always a reason for it. Out with the old and in with the new - break down to break open! I had a Reiki client this week that required Healing with Water Energy. Emotions are deeply connected to water and when people are healed with this Energy it helps to gently release feelings in the persons own time. I have woken up this morning to water damage on the ceiling directly above where the healing took place. Call this coincidence, call this Darwin rainy season. However, it is the only spot in the entire house and is directly above the area of emotional release.

Energy can manifest from emotion into physical pain and materialise into physical destruction or the break down of things around us.

Energy flows where attention goes. As frustrating as it is to resolve the issue for myself, I’m glad that I have a physical expression of their emotional release. Life will throw you all kinds of lessons, the key is to learn how to react to them. We must consciously choose our thoughts, our actions and our reactions. Nothing is random. Everything is choice. ~ The Wild Healer

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