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Rainbow the GPO...

The Giant Pacific Octopus (GPO) is a creature I had the pleasure of working with for many years. They are magnificent beings, highly intelligent and wildly telepathic. I started working in Aquariums in the UK when I was just 18. I was also studying for my Degree in Wildlife Education and Science Media. Due to being completely fascinated by Cephalopods, I wrote my Dissertation on Behavioural and Environmental Enrichment for Captive GPO’s. Now, I could sit and chat for hours about their Muscular Hydrostats, Chromatophore functions and Radulas but the platform I have built with The Wild Healer allows me to talk about their ability to communicate with their minds. I fell in love with a young female GPO that I named Rainbow. She got got her name for being so vibrant and iridescent. I connected with her so strongly, it was a unique relationship. Many of the other keepers had a hard time trying to encourage her to climb out of the tank for presentations but Rainbow would shlep out of the water and climb all over me, no hesitations. I wore her octopus hickies with pride. Behind the scenes I would spend time tickling her and playing with different toys I’d made her. The things she was most fascinated by though, were the crystals I would wear as jewellery. She would pull herself up on to my shoulders, grab my necklace and spend ages holding the stones and looking deeply at them. After noticing her curiosity and interest in them, I would sneak her in more of my bigger quartz crystals. She would hold them for ages just feeling their energy. She’d never try and eat them, she knew it wasn’t food, she just connected. It was beautiful to see. Now being an Animal Communicator we were able to talk about things she was feeling around her. She could read the energy of people, other animals, health, life cycles, personalities and emotions. She knew what was going on in the building before i’d even told her. She really helped me to understand my own gifts. Her voice was very loud and clear and when she would speak it would feel like someone was physically poking me in my third eye chakra. A lot of my telepathic interaction with her had to be done secretly as I worked in a predominantly scientific and male energy environment. What I have been able to share today, would not have been received so well with colleagues. Interestingly though, whenever there is a Football World Cup, you will come across news stories where Octopus are used to make ‘predictions’ as to who will win. There may still be hope that one day we can scientifically prove their psychic and telepathic abilities. Now Octopus have quite a short lifespan. Once they hit their Senescence period they generally don’t move much and they have to be left alone. I am a Clairsentient and could feel that her skin and suckers were extremely sensitive and having interaction was causing her physical pain and discomfort. For weeks she would be still. She would sit quietly on her eggs, syphoning water over them. I continued to go and chat to her but her voice would become more and more quiet. In the end, Rainbow was able to let me know when it was her time to go and said goodbye. She reached up and gently held my finger, something she hadn’t done for quite a while. She passed away that night. I feely truly blessed to have had such a unique and special relationship with such an unexpected creature. I hope more people are awakened to the amazing opportunities we have by connecting with animals.

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