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Post Full Moon Energy August 2019

So! How did everyone fare under the emotional energies of the spectacular Full Moon? Because of the recent ‘Planetary do-si-do’ in the sky, the joyous eclipses, portals and retrogrades we’ve endured this past month or two; we’ve been sifting through deep emotional core wounds, triggers and things holding us in the 3D matrix. This Full Moon helped to reconfirm everything with us. You may have continued to feel lots of deep core emotional releasing, vivid dreams and feeling wired. But alternately, you should hopefully be on a come down now, back to groundedness. Back to sanity and some form of ‘normalcy’ and balance within yourself, just much lighter from all you’ve let go of.

It’s at this point we can start to pick up where we left off before so invasively having our emotional inner worlds turned upside-down. Mercury and its shadow has now buggered off so all of those plans you have been cooking up are good to go! Get your booty into action.

It is important now to clean up your ‘Spiritual Hygiene’ and banish any ‘Voldemorts’ that have decided to attach to you or your home. We should be doing this daily, but sometimes when we become absorbed by emotional states, we miss stuff. We are Human Starseeds after all!

Time to Sage Smudge and jump in that Salt Bath! Cleanse your Crystals and thank the shiny rocks for all of the support they have given you during this time. Engage in deep meditation, calling in your higher self and working with whatever is needed for you; Holy Fire, Light Rays, Angels, Guides, Star Beings – come one, come all!

Plus, it’s the weekend! Let your hair down, go out and play in the sunshine! You most definitely deserve it! Well done everyone, sending you so much love, light and harmony.

~ The Wild Healer ~


For those looking to treat themselves to a lovely Cleansing Kit, click this link for spiritual goodies:

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